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Lrc Burn It Up by B.A.P

Burn It Up - B.A.P LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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90131 - Burn It Up by B.A.P [01:18.73] 1 day ago
by Guest
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[ti:Burn It Up]
[00:05.80][Bang] Guess Who's Back
[00:08.00][Zelo] TS Baby?
[00:10.92][Bang] Let's Get'em
[00:11.93][Jongup] Hello Hello Hello
[00:15.23]We Burn It Up
[00:16.66][Daehyun] Oh Let's Go Let's Go
[00:18.34]Moduda Let's Go (Let's Go)
[00:19.46]Bollyumeul nopyeo Turn It Up
[00:21.26][Himchan] Hello Hello Hello
[00:24.87]We Burn It Up
[00:25.99][Daehyun] Hey Step Up Step Up
[00:27.73]Noraboja Let's Go Go Go Go Go
[00:31.54][Bang] What's up Ladies & Gentleman
[00:33.92]Uriga wasseo heundeureo Chitty Chitty Bang
[00:36.28]Gajjadeureun gogaereul sugigo bikyeo
[00:38.86](Jeonbu neukkyeo) We We We Are The Main
[00:41.04][Zelo] Moduda sisikkeolleonghae
[00:43.15]Urin Style buteo dalla gyeoljeonghae
[00:45.38]Hey Stop!
[00:46.32]Han bakja swigo nawa
[00:48.13]Break It Break It
[00:49.25]Break It Break It Break Down
[00:50.14][Youngjae] Nae apeseo da kkeojyeobwa
[00:52.33]Geollijeokdae da bikyeobwa
[00:54.81][Daehyun] I sungan Rock Your Body achimi
[00:57.25]Ol ttaekkaji Hothage Fly With Me
[00:59.71][Youngjae] Ipdamulgo da jikyeobwa ([Daehyun] Jikyeobwa)
[01:02.08]Yeolsimhihalkke dugo bwa
[01:04.57][Daehyun] Urin mudaereul jjijeonoheul geoya
[01:07.12]Burn Burn Burn Burn Burn Burn (Yes)
[01:09.35]Burn Burn Burn Burn Burn Burn (Yes)
[01:11.83]Burn Burn Burn Burn
[01:13.71]Burn It Up