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Lrc California

California LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12379 - California [03:15.48] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:01.69]{00:02.52,C#m}( I n t r {00:06.46,A}o ) {00:07.20,E}
[00:08.19]{00:08.74,A}( I n {00:10.29,E}t r o {00:11.80,A}) {00:13.34,E}
[00:14.44]{00:14.88,C#m}We've been on the run, driving in the sun
[00:17.44]Looking out for {00:18.68,A}number {00:19.45,E}one
[00:19.94]Calif{00:20.98,A}ornia here we c{00:22.52,E}ome
[00:22.94]Right back {00:24.03,A}where we started fr{00:25.57,E}om
[00:26.69]{00:27.09,C#m}Hustlers grab your guns
[00:28.09]Your shadow weighs a ton
[00:29.84]Driving down the{00:30.92,A} 101{00:31.67,E}
[00:32.09]Calif{00:33.20,A}ornia here we c{00:34.76,E}ome
[00:35.09]Right back {00:36.26,A}where we started fr{00:37.76,E}om
[00:38.34]Calif{00:39.28,A}ornia (Californi{00:42.39,E}a) {00:45.38,A/E}
[00:47.34]Here we c{00:48.41,B/E}ome! {00:51.45,A/E}
[00:54.09]{00:54.48,C#m}On the stereo, listen as we go
[00:57.23]Nothing's gonna {00:58.23,A}stop me n{00:59.02,E}ow
[00:59.48]Calif{01:00.50,A}ornia here we co{01:02.06,E}me
[01:02.62]Right back {01:03.53,A}where we started f{01:05.05,E}rom
[01:06.12]{01:06.54,C#m}Pedal to the floor, thinkin' of the roar
[01:09.37]Gotta get us {01:10.33,A}to the s{01:11.09,E}how
[01:11.62]Calif{01:12.60,A}ornia here we c{01:14.14,E}ome
[01:14.62]Right back {01:15.61,A}where we started f{01:17.13,E}rom
[01:17.62]Calif{01:18.66,A}ornia (Californi{01:21.65,E}a) {01:24.70,A/E}
[01:26.37]Here we {01:27.72,B/E}come! {01:30.72,A/E}
[01:32.62]Calif{01:33.75,E}ornia, Calif{01:36.76,A/E}ornia
[01:38.62]Here we {01:39.81,B/E}come {01:42.85,A/E}
[01:48.37]{01:49.67,A}( I n s {01:50.39,E}t r u m e {01:51.91,A}n t a l {01:53.43,E})
[01:54.37]{01:54.90,A}( I n s {01:56.40,C#m}t r u m e n {02:00.20,A}t a l ){02:00.97,E}
[02:02.12]{02:02.48,A}( I n s {02:04.00,E}t r u m {02:05.49,A}e n t a {02:07.01,E}l )
[02:09.37]{02:10.04,A/E}( I n s t r {02:13.06,B/E}u m e n t {02:16.06,A/E}a l )
[02:17.87]Calif{02:19.12,E}ornia, Calif{02:22.11,F#7}ornia
[02:24.12]Here we c{02:25.13,A}ome!
[02:29.87]Calif{02:31.17,E}ornia, Calif{02:34.19,A/E}ornia
[02:35.87]Here we c{02:37.18,B/E}ome! {02:40.18,A/E}
[02:41.88]Calif{02:43.18,E}ornia, Calif{02:46.20,A/E}ornia
[02:48.13]Here we c{02:49.20,B/E}ome! {02:52.20,A/E}
[02:53.87]Calif{02:55.21,E}ornia, Calif{02:58.21,F#7}ornia
[03:00.13]Here we c{03:01.17,A}ome! {03:07.22,C#m}