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Lrc Champion of the world

Champion of the world LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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54514 - Champion of the world [04:20.08] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Champion of the world]
[00:40.14]I tried my best to be just like
[00:44.40]The other boys in school
[00:48.90]I tried my best to get it right
[00:53.14]And died at every June
[00:57.30]This mountainside is suicide
[01:01.80]This dream will never work
[01:06.80]Still the sign upon my headstone, write
[01:10.30]"A champion of the world"
[01:32.80]I tried my best to stay alight
[01:37.04]Fly like a firework
[01:41.55]I tried my best to taking flak
[01:45.80]But my rocket ship reversed
[01:50.55]No referee, don't stop the fight
[01:54.55]Everyone can see I'm hurt
[01:59.05]But I'll stand before conquistadors
[02:03.28]'Til I'm champion of the world
[02:08.80]and when I sail
[02:09.55]I'm sailing west
[02:17.94](Though I might fail) knowing I might fail
[02:20.07]But still I am hoping for the best
[02:26.05](In my dreams) and in my dreams
[02:29.07]Onto my chest
[02:32.56]She'll bring the colors and say
[02:35.56]"I wandered the whole wide world
[02:38.57]But baby, you're the best"
[02:48.83]La, la, la, la, oh
[02:52.31]Oh, oh, oh, ay
[02:56.06]La, la, la, la
[03:00.32]So I'm flying on my bicycle
[03:04.58]Heading upwards from the Earth
[03:09.33]I am jumping with no parachute
[03:13.31]Out into the universe
[03:17.81]I am E.T. on my bicycle
[03:22.07]With this kid and I want more
[03:26.56]I am riding on my rocket ship
[03:30.81]And I'm champion of the world