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Lrc Championship by The Game

Championship - The Game LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80286 - Championship by The Game [03:43.86] 4 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:The Game ]
[ti:Championship ]
[00:04.52]Ay yo Cool
[00:05.79]Tell Dre I been doin' some thinkin'
[00:09.52]And um...
[00:12.76]I don't know how to say this:
[00:15.03]Hate it or Love it was whack!
[00:16.81]Guess who's back, dressed in all black
[00:18.81]Brooklyn dodger and that Yankee hat
[00:20.81]I'm a big dog, came to tame you cats
[00:23.37]I'm a gangsta, this ain't entertainment rap
[00:25.62]You know the black Louis belt with a stainless hat
[00:27.38]Crenshaw Boulevard, where I'm famous at
[00:29.38]No more sunshine cause the rain is back
[00:31.62]Flow Shady, niggas like I can't be black
[00:34.10]I'm the cocaine of rap, the dope game is back
[00:36.10]My lyrics dress like Mos Def, I bring the 80's back
[00:38.86]With one bar, I can change the way
[00:40.35]Niggas think about me, compared to say...
[00:42.38]A Jay, a Nas, a Cube, nah
[00:47.10]I'm too hard, I'm 2 Pac's
[00:49.36]And I still got drug money in that shoe box
[00:54.60]Number one
[00:59.64]Take your hats off and throw em' in the sky
[01:06.85]You fuckin' with a
[01:12.60]Number one
[01:17.11]Take your hats off and throw em' in the sky
[01:27.35]I'm like Tim Duncan dunkin'
[01:28.62]Big Pappy, wanna see something?
[01:30.87]Homerun, Game is on one
[01:34.61]Yeah I'm back in the black
[01:36.87]Air Force Ones, Jordan tag on the back
[01:39.13]Damn, how the fuck Jordan do that?
[01:41.36]Ask Bryon Russell how the fuck Jordan do that
[01:43.63]I'm a gangsta, nigga true that
[01:45.63]Just moved outta Compton, don't make a nigga move back
[01:47.86]Yo Dre, where Cool at?
[01:50.11]Tell him he can Hate it or Love, but guess who's back
[01:52.12]Bo know this, Bo know that
[01:53.86]But Bo didn't know Eli could beat the Pack's
[01:56.38]Like Dre didn't know I could beat the rat
[01:58.36]Knock 'em all out the park, then break the bat
[02:04.86]Number one
[02:08.86]Take your hats off and throw em' in the sky
[02:16.46]You fuckin' with a...
[02:18.72]Boss Hogg. no Dukes of Hazzard
[02:20.20]Just a little pocket knife cuttin' through the mattress
[02:22.22]Take the bricks out, put the chips in
[02:24.46]Then subtract Pharrell, put the clips in
[02:26.64]That's my life, it involve the Crips
[02:28.39]But like my uncle Ray say when he drunk off a fifth
[02:30.89]Talkin' shit, cleanin' his Vietnam A.K
[02:33.64]"You shoulda seen Joe Louis in his heyday"
[02:35.65]R.I.P. Uncle Ray, never seen Floyd Mayweather box on payday
[02:39.64]Niggas don't want a box, they scared
[02:41.64]Niggas don't wanna floss, I stop, they stare
[02:44.15]Come through with a drop so rare
[02:45.89]A drop that hood niggas can't cop nowhere
[02:48.38]You might as well throw your rocks in the air
[02:50.38]I defy gravity and I stop it there!
[02:56.63]Number one
[03:00.90]Take your hats off and throw em' in the sky
[03:08.42]You fuckin' with a
[03:13.88]Number one
[03:18.66]Take your hats off and throw em' in the sky