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Lrc Cloud Factories

Cloud Factories LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50422 - Cloud Factories [03:59.72] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.06]we left the party at half past nine
[00:01.60]our friends are all out getting high
[00:02.16]and the night is cold and miserable
[00:02.74]but you've never looked so beautiful
[00:03.86]with your jacket pulled up to your chin
[00:04.44]raindrops clinging to your skin
[00:04.96]and your eyes are full of shooting stars
[00:05.24]reflected headlights from passing cars
[00:09.05]and the cloud factories way up high
[00:09.61]paint a grey-smoke sunrise in the sky
[00:10.19]and it comes to carry you away
[00:10.73]with red ribbons and a black bouquet
[00:11.81]i pass your gravestone on my way to school
[00:12.37]beside a white fence backyard swimming pool
[00:12.67]get to class, calm my shaking bruised up jaw
[00:13.23]fall asleep behind books about algebra
[00:13.77]and i dream about a world where we both wake up
[00:14.37]with sleepy eyes and coffee cups
[00:14.91]and the cloud factories way up high
[00:15.47]paint pictures of us in the sky