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Lrc Coming home by Peter shillings

Coming home - Peter shillings LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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172835 - Coming home by Peter shillings [04:53.47] 8 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:Peter shillings ]
[ti:Coming home ]
[by:Jahan khan]
[00:10.71]JAHAN KHAN
[00:15.23]Major Tom (Coming Home) (English version) Lyrics
[00:36.82]Standing there alone,
[00:38.42]the ship is waiting.
[00:39.74]All systems are go.
[00:41.61]"Are you sure?"
[00:42.66]Control is not convinced,
[00:44.52]but the computer
[00:45.58]has the evidence.
[00:47.19]No need to abort.
[00:50.63]The countdown starts.
[00:55.15]Watching in a trance,
[00:56.47]the crew is certain.
[00:57.54]Nothing left to chance,
[00:59.69]all is working.
[01:00.49]Trying to relax
[01:02.35]up in the capsule
[01:03.68]"Send me up a drink."
[01:05.27]jokes Major Tom.
[01:08.99]The count goes on...
[01:12.44]4, 3, 2, 1
[01:15.36]Earth below us
[01:18.28]drifting, falling.
[01:21.21]Floating weightless
[01:24.13]calling, calling home...
[01:48.04]Second stage is cut.
[01:49.91]We're now in orbit.
[01:51.22]Stabilizers up,
[01:53.08]runnning perfect.
[01:54.15]Starting to collect
[01:55.74]requested data.
[01:57.07]"What will it affect
[01:58.93]when all is done?"
[02:02.11]thinks Major Tom.
[02:06.36]Back at ground control,
[02:07.69]there is a problem.
[02:09.02]"Go to rockets full."
[02:10.88]Not responding.
[02:11.96]"Hello Major Tom.
[02:13.82]Are you receiving?
[02:14.88]Turn the thrusters on.
[02:17.00]We're standing by."
[02:20.20]There's no reply.
[02:24.18]4, 3, 2, 1
[02:26.83]Earth below us
[02:30.29]drifting, falling.
[02:32.69]Floating weightless
[02:35.60]calling, calling home...
[02:53.94]Across the stratosphere,
[02:55.25]a final message:
[02:56.59]"Give my wife my love."
[02:59.24]Then nothing more.
[03:09.07]Far beneath the ship,
[03:10.14]the world is mourning.
[03:11.47]They don't realize
[03:13.61]he's alive.
[03:14.40]No one understands,
[03:16.00]but Major Tom sees.
[03:17.60]"Now the light commands
[03:19.46]this is my home,
[03:22.92]I'm coming home."
[03:26.92]Earth below us
[03:32.23]drifting, falling.
[03:35.15]Floating weightless
[03:38.07]coming home...
[03:41.79]Earth below us
[03:44.18]drifting, falling.
[03:47.10]Floating weightless
[03:50.29]coming, coming