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Lrc Contractor by Lamb of God

Contractor - Lamb of God LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60669 - Contractor by Lamb of God [03:22.16] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:Lamb of God]
[au:Randy Blythe]
[00:02.16]Stomping lines in international sand
[00:04.91]Feeding blood drinking habits of the Elephant Man
[00:07.90]Quench his thirst, when black water rises
[00:10.41]He takes you around toward the burning horizon
[00:12.91]Yeah, motherfucker, lets take a ride
[00:15.40]We're rollin' round irate, someone has got to die
[00:18.66]Trick or Treat, in dying need
[00:20.91]So roll the dice as we leave
[00:21.91]Cause it's 8 miles of pure luck with warm bags of
[00:28.91]Someone will bleed
[00:35.65]Someone will bleed
[00:38.90]Privatize to conceal all the lies
[00:40.91]Big Business is booming, like its the fourth of July
[00:44.15]No need for all the formalities, Jump the kangaroo corpse
[00:47.91]And flank beneath the trees
[00:49.66]Yeah, motherfucker, lets take a ride
[00:51.91]Running red lights in a green zone
[00:54.16]Someone has got to die
[00:55.16](Pity me?) there's nothing here to see
[00:56.91]So throw the dice for me please, and let's
[00:58.41]Store the pint of blood to cash in to refund
[01:05.41]Just sign the deed
[01:12.16]Someone will bleed
[01:35.65]Someone has got to die
[01:39.40]Ours is not to reason why
[01:43.16]Ours is but to do if the pay rate's right
[01:46.66]Black liquid assets, fuck the Mujahideen
[01:50.66]Paint their picket fences Red with the American dream
[01:54.66]Lay your heavy hammer down
[01:56.41]Get the job done right
[01:58.41]Jacked up, and cocked in, to a firefight
[02:02.16]Covert reactions said you never saw me
[02:05.91]A glass parking lot in the American Dream
[02:21.15]They all die
[02:31.16]Fucking Murder
[02:44.41]Guaran-fucking-teed, Someone will bleed.
[02:56.16]Lay your heavy hammer down,
[02:57.65]Get the job done right.
[02:59.15]Jacked up, and cocked in, to a firefight.
[03:03.41]Covert reactions said you never saw me.
[03:05.91]A glass parking lot in the American Dream.