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Lrc Corduroy dreams by Rex orange country

Corduroy dreams - Rex orange country LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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30247 - Corduroy dreams by Rex orange country [03:23.99] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Rex orange country]
[al:Rex orange country]
[ti:Corduroy dreams]
[au:Rex orange country]
[00:20.17]How could I ignore you?
[00:22.43]Trust me I adore you
[00:25.43]We’re swimming through our dreams
[00:28.68]Kiss me in the shower
[00:30.68]For a couple hours
[00:33.69]Though we’re only sixteen
[00:36.92]And sit down beside me
[00:38.93]Don’t call me daddy
[00:42.18]Cause that’s just fucking weird
[00:45.17]Promise that you'll stay here
[00:47.42]You and I can lay here
[00:50.45]Until the end of time
[00:53.42]But girl, well don't you worry about me
[01:00.90]It ain’t new to me, feeling this lonely (Darling)
[01:11.67]Girl, don't worry about me
[01:18.18]But if you’re ever unhappy
[01:22.93]Then maybe, baby, I must let you go
[01:35.42]Let you goBaby now it’s best here, to lay me down and rest here
[01:40.68]Let’s dream of Corduroy
[01:43.92]Work for what you love to do and I will watch right over you
[01:48.92]With your heart I’ll never toy
[01:52.18]And you’re the other half of me
[01:54.18]Drink and sleep and laugh with me
[01:57.17]Save me from myself
[02:00.43]See I’m a fucking basket-case
[02:02.68]Until I'm able to see your face
[02:05.68]You saved me from myselfBut girl, don't worry about me
[02:15.93]Cause it ain't new to me, feeling this lonely
[02:24.42]Darling baby, girl, don't worry about me
[02:32.93]Cause if you're ever unhappy, if you’re ever unhappy
[02:37.66]If you’re ever, ever unhappy
[02:48.90]Then maybe, maybe baby I must let you go