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Lrc Crystal Snow by BTS

Crystal Snow - BTS LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101410 - Crystal Snow by BTS [05:22.56] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[00:18.19]Yu ki tsu mo ru yo ni
[00:20.19]ta shi ka me te ru yo
[00:25.97]Ki mi ga ku re ta mo no
[00:28.70]i ki te ku yu u ki
[00:33.72]A ra yu ru ji kan
[00:35.19]ko e te de a tan da
[00:37.47]So re de. How do we do? ha ta se ru?
[00:39.95]Ko no fu ta shi ka jo tai Love
[00:42.43]O mo ta yo ri
[00:44.42]se ka i wa ha ya ku te
[00:46.95]How we gonna change it?
[00:48.69]We don‘t know yet
[00:49.74]De mo ki to?
[00:52.47]A i, bo ku ra no mu ne ni
[00:58.45]ooh yeah
[01:02.29]hi bi ki da shi te
[01:05.79]Ki mi o da ki shi me ta i
[01:09.28]ki e te shi ma u ma e ni
[01:12.98]mo i chi do
[01:14.69]Ah do ko ma de mo
[01:17.58]ma i agaru Crystal
[01:22.38]Ne na ni mo ira na i ka ra
[01:25.12]mo su ko shi da ke
[01:27.58]kan ji te ta i
[01:29.10]Can I touch your heart?
[01:31.87]Fu re ta ku te mo
[01:34.63]su ri nu ke te ku
[01:36.86]Someday? Someday
[01:50.56]Chi sa na e ga o ga
[01:52.62]na ze ka ku ru shi i
[01:55.36]How can I be closer ooh?
[01:58.86]Ko no omo i wa na ze
[02:01.15]ko ta e ga de na i
[02:02.92]How I am gonna find it? Do ya te? Oh let me know
[02:06.40]Ai mai na ka ta chi ba ka ri Crystal Snow
[02:09.86]Mu ku wa re nai Story nan te mo muri
[02:12.32]Eh ko no te de ka e te mi se ru no ni
[02:16.39]Eh, Surely chi ka e ru no ni?
[02:21.41]Ki mi o ma mo ri ta ku te
[02:24.90]na mi da ni ka wa ma e ni
[02:29.12]mo i chi do
[02:30.92]Ne ga u ho do ni
[02:33.40]to do ka na i Crystal
[02:39.12]100 nen sa ki ni na te mo
[02:41.18]tsu gi no i chi ho wa
[02:43.40]ki mi to ga i i
[02:44.90]Can I be your one?
[02:47.67]Ho shi hi tot su nai
[02:50.15]yu ki no yo zo ra
[02:52.64]Someday? Someday
[02:57.92]Mo ni nin wa ha ru ka to i
[02:59.38]Hi tot su no ha zu na no ni
[03:01.65]I ma de wa bo ku ra o
[03:03.63]I ro do ru e no gu na do
[03:05.41]E ra be ya shi na i ku roi iki mo
[03:07.38]Fu kai ki mi no shi roi ki ri mo
[03:09.91]I feel, I feel, I feel, I feel
[03:13.93]Oh crystal snow, crystal snow
[03:15.63]Ma shi ro na so no na ka de
[03:17.94]Ki mi ga bo ku o to ri su gi mi zu ni na ro u to mu ne de
[03:20.72]ma da na ga re te ru
[03:22.45]ka na de te ru
[03:23.70]Ka ga ya ku mo no su be te
[03:24.94]ni ut su ru
[03:26.48]Hi ka ru ki mi o mit su me te ru
[03:28.42]Ma te ru sa ma ta do ko de mo
[03:28.67]Ai tai u so de mo ni gi te ko no te o
[03:30.65]A i su ru on do ga
[03:34.96]to ke da su me ro di
[03:39.15]Ta shi ka na
[03:41.22]nu ku mo ri yo
[03:44.47]to wa ni tsu zu ke
[03:50.04]Ki mi o da ki shi me ta i
[03:53.29]ki e te shi ma u ma e ni
[03:57.80]mo o i chi do
[03:59.28]Ka na e ru ta me
[04:01.78]ma i agaru Crystal
[04:06.52]Ne ko to ba ta ri na i ke do
[04:09.04]a ri no mama de mo
[04:11.24]tsu tae ru ka ra
[04:13.30]Can I touch your heart?
[04:16.02]Shin ji te ho shi i
[04:18.78]mu ka e ni ku yo
[04:21.00]Someday, Someday
[04:26.03]It‘s always you , It‘s always you
[04:28.80]Crystal Snow
[04:30.52](Let me see your smile , oh baby , eh)
[04:34.27]It‘s always you , It‘s always you
[04:37.30]Crystal Snow
[04:38.49](Let me feel your love)
[04:40.22](so do ko ma de mo)
[04:43.27]It‘s always you , It‘s always you
[04:45.78]Crystal Snow
[04:50.29](Let me feel your love , our crystal snow)
[04:57.54]Oh yeah
[04:58.31]Crystal Snow