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DEMON SLAYER GURENGE FREESTYLE (ft. FABVL) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101389 - DEMON SLAYER GURENGE FREESTYLE (ft. FABVL) [02:13.46] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[Intro: Mellowthemanic]
強くなれる理由を知った 僕を連れて進め
[Verse: Khantrast]
[00:13.73]Came up from the bottom
[00:14.98]Better move with caution
[00:15.75]Water breathing style final form
[00:16.48]Imma slay
[00:17.48]When I pull up thunderclapped
[00:18.23]My slayers run it back
[00:19.24]Make sure these demons
[00:21.23]Remember the name
[00:21.48]I do 'em dirty like Giyu, when I'm dead calm
[00:22.74]Just like Yahaba, I see through all ya dead plots
[00:24.75]Slump like a god Zenitsu cut ya head off
[00:26.48]Pull with ya demons, I'm making sure all they necks gone
[00:28.24]Built like a Pillar, my lungs is breathing with no breath loss
[00:29.99]Dead wrong, dead wrong
[00:30.98]Thinking that's my best shot
[00:31.73]Flower god, flower god
[00:32.48]Hinokami Kagura
[00:33.48]Upper Moon, Lower moon
[00:34.49]Slay' em like a Hashira
[00:35.23]Whirlpool flow cuz I drown in drip
[00:36.98]Flash dance leave ya mans in a drought eclipse
[00:38.74]Talk shit, see ya innards coming out from in
[00:40.49]Side ya mouth, Susamaru, going out a bitch
[00:42.48]I pull up with my slayers on a power trip
[00:43.98]Ya come back? Make sure you going down again
[00:45.73]Get thunder clapped like a demon slayer alchemist
[00:47.49]Protect the sis, so they don't ever doubt the kid
[Hook: FabvL]
[00:49.73]Left alone
[00:52.73]To set her free
[00:53.98]Falling down
[00:54.98]I keep on falling now
[00:56.73]Run to cure
[00:58.74]My memory
[01:00.99]All alone
[01:02.24]On my own
[01:02.99]On my own
[01:04.48]Beat these demons
[01:06.25]In my mind, true
[01:08.24]Family never hurts the other side, you
[01:11.73]Always had my back
[01:13.74]Won’t let you drift away
[01:16.48]You’ll be ok
[Interlude: Khantrast]
[01:18.23]Gotta keep my head in the moment
[01:19.73]Total concentration Imma keep my focus
[01:21.48]It's my time, fighting for the longest
[01:23.48]Gotta bring the sis back from her lowest
[01:25.24]Gotta keep my head all in the moment
[01:26.98]Total concentration Imma keep my focus
[01:28.76]This my life, Imma keep going
[01:30.48]Fight back, bite back
[01:31.23]Fight back, like that