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Lrc Darkness by Nekrogoblikon

Darkness - Nekrogoblikon LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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92809 - Darkness by Nekrogoblikon [03:59.04] 46 minutes ago
by Guest
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[al:Welcome to Bonkers]
[00:09.86]I can't escape the darkness
[00:21.11]Da-dark, da-dark, dark
[00:23.62]It turns out
[00:24.37]Everything is bullshit
[00:27.89]But I've been trying not to think like that, no
[00:31.67]I gotta be positive
[00:33.63]There's a lot of good things about life
[00:38.62]It's been a hell of a ride so far
[00:40.62]And there's still more to go
[00:45.36]I've been trying for a while
[00:47.87]Can't even bring myself to smile
[00:50.87]It's like dyin' for a cause
[00:53.87]That I do not believe in
[00:56.13]I try to understand the light
[00:58.59]I try to fall asleep at night
[01:01.63]I'm givin' her all she's got
[01:04.08]And I don't wanna fail
[01:05.85]But I need some darkness
[01:16.36]Da-dark, da-dark, dark
[01:18.36]After all these years
[01:19.86]I'd been hoping for a glimpse of the other side
[01:22.37]I spent a lot of time on the good stuff
[01:24.86]Just to learn, well maybe that's not my ride
[01:27.83]I try and try and try and try
[01:29.87]And then it all starts over again and again and again
[01:33.62]I ask myself why (Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?)
[01:37.11]Why do I even pretend?
[01:40.86]I was trying for a minute
[01:43.38]But that was before I found sin
[01:45.84]And now that I have I'm not sure
[01:48.09]I wanna go back again
[01:51.84]I tried to understand the light
[01:54.09]Never fell asleep at night
[01:56.30]I did what I could with what I had
[02:01.03]But I gotta have darkness
[02:11.78]Da-dark, da-dark, dark
[02:14.80]Now the time has come
[02:17.05]Day is on the run
[02:24.78]Night has fallen now for good
[02:27.55]Just like I always knew it would
[02:30.32]Hope you said goodbye to light
[02:34.30]Because it's in the past
[02:39.30]It was never going to last
[02:43.55]Now the sky is black and everything's falling down
[02:47.81]Life is like a lost and found
[02:50.31]Sometimes you get lucky
[02:55.05]And the world is black
[03:19.79]How can I feel this way?
[03:24.28]I thought the light was here to stay (Here to stay)
[03:29.78]But now the darkness
[03:33.30]Here for good
[03:35.55]I knew it would
[03:37.31]But I thought I might have light
[03:44.06]I will have darkness
[03:54.33]Da-dark, da-dark, dark