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Lrc David Rovics - Say Their Names

David Rovics - Say Their Names LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101045 - David Rovics - Say Their Names [02:25.42] 3 weeks ago
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Jacob Blake was walking to his SUV
[00:04.39]Alton Sterling was selling DVDs
[00:08.89]Eric Garner had just broken up a fight
[00:12.39]Breonna Taylor was asleep in the middle of the night
[00:16.39]Tamir Rice was playing in the park
[00:20.14]Elijah McClain was out walking after dark
[00:23.89]Dominique Clayton was sleeping in her bed
[00:27.89]Where she was shot by a cop in the back of her head
[00:31.64]Say their names
[00:35.89]Say their names
[00:39.89]Say their names
[00:43.64]Say their names
[00:47.89]Walter Scott was driving to a store
[00:52.14]Bettie Jones was answering her door
[00:55.64]Philando Castille was driving home with his girlfriend
[00:59.64]Anthony Hill was naked on the grass when he met his end
[01:03.14]Ezell Ford was walking in his neighborhood
[01:07.14]Michael Brown was blown away just standing where he stood
[01:10.89]Kendra James was shot to death at a traffic stop
[01:14.78]By yet another unaccountable
[01:17.79]Killer cap!
[01:18.89]Say their names
[01:22.28]Say their names
[01:26.28]Say their names
[01:30.28]Say their names
[01:34.03]Atiana Jefferson was playing a video game
[01:38.03]With her little nephew, gunned down just the same
[01:42.03]Oscar Grant was celebrating the New Year
[01:46.03]Handcuffed when the shots rang out that everyone could hear
[01:49.53]Eric Reason pulled into a parking spot
[01:53.53]Not long after that was when he was shot
[01:57.03]George Floyd was just shopping in a store
[02:01.28]Micah Xavier Johnson thought he was still at war
[02:04.78]Say their names
[02:08.53]Say their names
[02:12.53]Say their names
[02:16.68]Say their names
[02:20.18]Say their names