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Lrc Days Like This Will Break Your Heart by The Slow Readers Club

Days Like This Will Break Your Heart - The Slow Readers Club LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11492 - Days Like This Will Break Your Heart by The Slow Readers Club [03:20.59] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:The Slow Readers Club]
[ti:Days Like This Will Break Your Heart]
[00:00.15]Say that the sky will open
[00:02.42]And all the rain restore my sanity
[00:09.43]We live our life in shadow
[00:11.68]I want to say that's such a tragedy
[00:18.19]It's such a sweet temptation
[00:21.71]That may forever be a fantasy
[00:28.46]That I may be awoken
[00:33.46]Lie in your arms for all eternity
[00:37.98]Love, you must believe me
[00:43.22]Love, you've got to work so hard
[00:47.99]Nothing good comes easy
[00:51.25]Days like this will break your heart
[00:58.78]All my questions to you
[01:02.28]Have just been answered in a photograph
[01:07.79]It's such a revelation
[01:11.05]It's time for me to face what's been has passed
[01:18.30]I'm waiting for tomorrow
[01:21.56]The sand is falling through the hourglass
[01:27.07]Now I belong to sorrow
[01:31.07]It seems that none of this was built to last