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Lrc Deceiver by Ocean Jet

Deceiver - Ocean Jet LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11548 - Deceiver by Ocean Jet [03:14.43] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Ocean Jet]
[00:19.66]they tried to guide you,
[00:22.17]then screwed you over
[00:24.67]it wasn’t something you hoped for
[00:30.18]well, i’m not judging, but helping see it
[00:34.68]give ’em up
[00:36.18]give ’em up
[00:36.68]give ’em up
[00:37.18]give ’em up
[00:37.68]give up!
[00:40.20]he tried to guide you,
[00:43.20]said pray to your lord,
[00:45.20]like he was someone you looked for
[00:49.96]well, i can see who sold you down the river
[00:55.21]give him up
[00:55.96]give him up
[00:56.96]give him up
[00:57.71]give him up
[00:58.21]give up!
[01:51.26]say my name in the dead of night,
[01:57.26]if you chose me to lead you
[02:03.27]for a fool you are too bright, but i know you’re weak
[02:14.04]i will blacken your inner light,
[02:17.55]walk you down to the dark side
[02:22.80]leave your hope and come in