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Lrc Denouement

Denouement LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50419 - Denouement [04:24.82] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.36]you keep a bible next to your bed
[00:02.18]to burn the evil thoughts from your head
[00:02.96]count the good days one by one
[00:03.51]god, how wicked we've become
[00:04.31]if somebody's coming for me
[00:05.37]i'm ready to fight
[00:05.91]with clenched fists and broken teeth
[00:06.47]i've been up all night
[00:07.29]and if death is waiting for me
[00:07.81]i'm ready to go
[00:10.01]there's no heaven above me,
[00:10.83]no bitter end below
[00:11.39]your walls are filled with posters of girls you wish you knew
[00:12.19]sad songs on the record player next to you
[00:13.01]cut your hair off, change your name
[00:13.59]but inside, darling, you're still the same
[00:14.41]these needles in your bloodstream
[00:14.93]and bruises on your arms
[00:15.77]you're a pale white painter's canvas
[00:16.57]i've never seen a heart like yours
[00:17.11]i wrote your wedding song
[00:17.91]and watched her throw her bouquet
[00:18.47]i'd write my own funeral hymn
[00:19.25]and watch you dance all day
[00:20.87]there's no beauty in dying
[00:21.71]we just carry on
[00:22.51]all rivers drain to the ocean
[00:23.33]and all oceans bring us home
[00:23.87]we live in a world of street signs
[00:24.71]and traffic lights
[00:25.57]and words like "forgive me,
[00:26.11]nothing feels like home tonight."