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Lrc Don't Leave Me by BTS

Don't Leave Me - BTS LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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40435 - Don't Leave Me by BTS [03:47.50] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Don't leave me]
[00:23.66]あるように聞こえるから what's what
[00:30.15]謎の足跡見つけたら follow
[00:33.40]飲み込まれる my shadow
[00:35.16]光の裏側に潜めた what?
[00:37.90]会えない君だけが知る my answer
[00:40.17]途切れる前に I wanna know everything
[00:56.18]Don't leave me
[00:57.41]Now believe 走り出す (走り出す)
[01:02.40]No ending 君は僕の鼓動 (僕の鼓動)
[01:20.42]君は一人じゃない (じゃない)
[01:30.91]一歩一歩を踏み出すように moving on
[01:37.17]Calling me, passing me すれ違い all of it, destiny
[01:39.91]それでも始まる one way race 離れ始めても that's okay
[01:43.66]You don't gotta worry about a thing, nah, not a thing
[01:46.65]今度は俺が送る番 必ず届ける your thoughts
[01:50.41]時が戻せるなら 出直せるのに
[01:56.40]影と光の間にいる君は 泣く
[02:02.91]Don't leave me
[02:04.41]Now believe 手を伸ばす (手を伸ばす)
[02:09.41]No ending 君が僕の希望 (僕の希望)
[02:27.17]君は一人じゃない (じゃない)
[02:53.65]今を生きる意味を知った 君と出会って
[03:00.14]Don't leave me
[03:01.43]Now believe 走り出す (走り出す)
[03:06.91]No ending 君は僕の鼓動 (僕の鼓動)
[03:24.41]君は一人じゃない (じゃない)