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Lrc Dust by The Faint

Dust - The Faint LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11558 - Dust by The Faint [03:54.63] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:The Faint]
[ti:Dust ]
[01:04.67]The floor moves and it trembles
[01:08.42]Old West shakes as it opens up
[01:12.44]People are dying and
[01:16.94]I know the cause of it all
[01:19.70]With so many buried
[01:23.21]The dead twitch on crowded roads
[01:27.23]Dirt breaks; dust follows
[01:30.98]Cracks in the plains are exposed
[01:35.48](They're restless enclosed)
[01:37.99]The quake sets in
[01:38.99](They twitch underground)
[01:40.49]The quake sets in
[01:42.23](Dirt starts to shake)
[01:44.24]The quake sets in
[01:45.99](It waves through the town)
[01:48.24]The quake sets in
[01:49.73]That's why the quake sets in
[01:52.99]And dust rises again
[02:11.51]Wreckage is clearing
[02:15.50]The remnants all fade away
[02:19.51]No one understands it
[02:23.26]The tremors go on unexplained