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Lrc EGX DEATH! by Scarlxrd

EGX DEATH! - Scarlxrd LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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44437 - EGX DEATH! by Scarlxrd [02:53.90] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:09.97]Hey, yeah
[00:12.22]I gotta grow, nurture my goals
[00:13.73]Fuck a Forbes list, I'm a list on my own
[00:15.22]Repeat the flow, sorry I know
[00:16.72]I lost my memory drinking alone
[00:18.47]Nigga, I'm pro, I know the road
[00:20.22]I fucking paved it, I reap what I sew
[00:21.72]Think of the dough, I bought a home
[00:23.22]I'll buy another one bigger than most
[00:25.72]Working so hard in the night
[00:26.72]That it's damaging
[00:27.22]I'm addicted to the hustle and challenges
[00:28.97]Putting in work, I do hours of practicing
[00:30.47]I don't ever trust the chances of gambling
[00:32.10]Close both my eyes and i really get balancing really one day
[00:34.35]I'ma sell out the Madison Grip on your seatbelt
[00:36.11]And make sure it's fastens in we bout to go to the places they haven't been
[00:38.36]I'ma get this, I'ma get that, I don't talk shit, only speak facts
[00:40.86]Always wanna win, never relax
[00:42.35]Narrow abyss, all them mad
[00:44.11]Aren't we all (Ah), hunted down
[00:45.61]We can't take that, we're not trash!
[00:47.36]Praise the weak, social fads
[00:48.86]Get these leeches off my back!
[00:51.11]Know the code, been working, now they don't
[00:53.61]Go ahead and slow your roll, you're fake, you fucking troll
[00:56.60]Face tats don't make you bro
[00:58.35]Headlines won't save you bro, unless you got bars and flow
[01:01.61]Which we both know you don't!
[01:06.85]Heh, yeah, love these intros
[01:11.60]Just keep it moving, keep it moving, yeah!
[01:16.60]Hold back, never hating
[01:18.10]Fuck an image, I'm too sick
[01:19.60]No mask, growing steady
[01:21.35]Only roll authentic shit
[01:22.85]Drop tracks, leave em messy
[01:24.36]Mister Coordinator shit
[01:26.10]Go back, independent
[01:27.60]Dropping trash don't make you sick (Kyuh)
[01:29.61]I don't got nothing to prove, uh
[01:31.36]Nigga, I'm praised, too fluent, uh
[01:32.86]These are the waves I'm moving, uh
[01:34.36]Never gonna hate, they're clueless, uh
[01:35.85]This is my stage I'm ruling, uh
[01:37.61]Down my booze and fill my cup
[01:39.10]Living my life like it's still sinking
[01:40.86]Leaving my life, it's not enough
[01:42.35]Really been working so hard
[01:43.85]I've been losing my mind, I'm gone off this shit
[01:45.61]Really bout thinkin' it's over, I'm dropping my bar
[01:47.60]I'm so fire with my way
[01:48.86]I've never had to part in it, I've never been sloppy
[01:50.85]I pocket all the pain
[01:52.11]Change the amount when I want it
[01:53.36]Controlling the fire,I don't care 'bout the hate
[01:55.10]Oh, Scar, he is evil? So are you
[01:57.60]Reading comments while I'm dreaming
[01:59.35]Why that talk and you resist?
[02:00.85]Let' em hunt all they want, all my life I'll never fear
[02:04.10]I'm a prophet and a pagan, I'll have a stable life for years
[02:07.61]T-ta-talk you pussy, uh
[02:09.11]Watch when I take over the stadiums, uh
[02:10.86]They cannot see in my cranium, uh
[02:12.35]Bout to take over the planet, erupt
[02:14.11]All of my sounds have been critical, uh
[02:15.61]Never change up that's minimal, uh
[02:17.10]Sound [?] I don't ever get stuck
[02:18.86]Leave all the bullshit, I don't give a fuck!
[02:23.35]Scar, fuck off