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EaJ[20]_OTHERSIDE LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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71044 - EaJ[20]_OTHERSIDE [01:53.71] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:13.74]Do you ever think about me
[00:15.74]All good you probably busy
[00:17.48]Me too can’t count the blessing
[00:19.23]There been too many lately
[00:20.99]All day been smiling lately
[00:22.50]Thankful like we cut the turkey
[00:24.25]Just about to butt heads with big 3
[00:25.99]And man I feel James worthy
[00:27.74]Some times I think about you
[00:29.53]Even in the midst of good news
[00:31.23]Then I got to go home
[00:32.25]pull out all the old bones
[00:32.99]from the closet and then I see you
[00:34.51]And you’re still cheesing
[00:36.49]My God it’s messing
[00:37.48]With my head cause you took mine
[00:40.99]Sometimes I just call
[00:42.73]I Know you won’t pick up
[00:44.51]Can’t ever help myself and try
[00:48.01]Scared you're scared alone
[00:49.49]So every night I hope
[00:51.49]I see you on the other side
[01:06.98]Are you sleeping alone
[01:08.99]Cause if you are I can meet you there
[01:11.24]I'm sleeping alone
[01:12.74]And it’s killing me anyway
[01:14.73]I hate that you're gone
[01:15.99]And when I lie in the dark alone
[01:18.25]I die a little
[01:20.24]Every time I reach out and it’s cold