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Lrc Earth Song

Earth Song LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12971 - Earth Song [06:44.66] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:46.73]What about sunrise
[00:50.75]What about rain
[00:54.23]What about all the things that you said
[00:56.74]We were to gain
[01:00.73]What about killing fields
[01:04.49]Is there a time
[01:07.75]What about all the things
[01:09.99]That you said were yours and mine
[01:13.98]Did you ever stop to notice
[01:17.23]All the blood we've shed before
[01:20.48]Did you ever stop to notice
[01:23.98]This crying Earth, these weeping shores
[01:56.76]What have we done to the world
[02:00.23]Look what we've done
[02:03.74]What about all the peace
[02:05.75]That you pledge your only son
[02:10.49]What about flowering fields
[02:13.74]Is there a time
[02:17.50]What about all the dreams
[02:19.49]That you said was yours and mine
[02:23.24]Did you ever stop to notice
[02:26.74]All the children dead from war
[02:29.99]Did you ever stop to notice
[02:33.27]This crying earth, these weeping shores
[03:05.23]I used to dream
[03:08.24]I used to glance beyond the stars
[03:12.23]Now I don't know where we are
[03:15.27]Although I know we've drifted far
[04:14.52]What about yesterday
[04:17.23](What about us)
[04:18.73]What about the seas
[04:20.50](What about us)
[04:22.50]The heavens are falling down
[04:24.24](What about us)
[04:25.73]I can't even breathe
[04:27.73](What about us)
[04:29.24]What about apathy
[04:31.01](What about us)
[04:32.74]I need you
[04:34.49](What about us)
[04:36.24]What about nature's worth
[04:39.25]It's our planets womb
[04:41.48](What about us)
[04:42.74]What about animals
[04:45.24](What about it)
[04:46.25]We've turned Kingdom to dust
[04:48.28](What about us)
[04:50.25]What about elephants
[04:51.75](What about us)
[04:53.24]Have we lost their trust
[04:55.49](What about us)
[04:57.23]What about crying whales
[04:58.76](What about us)
[05:00.26]We are ravaging the seas
[05:02.24](What about us)
[05:03.98]What about forest trails
[05:07.01]Burnt despite our pleas
[05:08.98](What about us)
[05:10.34]What about the holy land
[05:12.99](What about it)
[05:13.98]Torn apart by creed
[05:16.23](What about us)
[05:17.98]What about the common man
[05:19.73](What about us)
[05:21.25]Can't we set him free
[05:23.25](What about us)
[05:24.76]What about children dying
[05:26.53](What about us)
[05:28.01]Can't you hear them cry
[05:30.24](What about us)
[05:31.73]Where did we go wrong
[05:34.74]Someone tell me why
[05:36.98](What about us)
[05:38.24]What about baby boy
[05:40.74](What about him)
[05:42.23]What about the days
[05:44.03](What about us)
[05:45.73]What about all their joy
[05:47.49](What about us)
[05:48.99]What about the man
[05:50.99](What about us)
[05:52.49]What about the crying man
[05:54.26](What about us)
[05:55.98]What about Abraham
[05:57.99](What about us)
[05:59.74]What about death again
[06:02.24]DO WE GIVE A DAMN ???