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Lrc Enter Sandman by Metal Dangko

Enter Sandman - Metal Dangko LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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93575 - Enter Sandman by Metal Dangko [03:50.19] 22 hours ago
by Guest
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[ar:Metal Dangko]
[ti:Enter Sandman]
[00:03.76]**Wafed BRMTR**
[00:11.79]* * * *
[00:16.26]Say your prayers little one
[00:19.51]Don't forget my son
[00:20.79]To include everyone
[00:24.50]Tuck you in warm within
[00:26.24]Keep you free from sin
[00:28.25]Till the sandman he comes
[00:32.78]Sleep with one eye open
[00:36.27]Gripping your pillow tight
[00:39.26]Exit light
[00:43.27]Enter night
[00:47.02]Take my hand
[00:51.04]Off to never never land
[01:08.78]Something's wrong shut the light
[01:11.00]Heavy thoughts tonight
[01:12.75]And they aren't of snow white
[01:16.77]Dreams of war dreams of liars
[01:17.74]Dreams of dragon's fire
[01:20.77]And of things that will bite
[01:24.79]Sleep with one eye open
[01:28.75]Gripping your pillow tight
[01:31.78]Aaa Ooo Aaoo Aaoo
[01:39.25]Yeaa Yeaa Auwwww
[01:43.26]**Tariik Siiss**
[02:27.03]* * * *
[02:37.75]Hush little baby don't say a word
[02:42.01]And never mind that noise you heard
[02:45.77]It's just the beast under your bed
[02:49.78]In your closet in your head
[02:53.02]Exit light (aah)
[02:56.78]Enter night (ooh)
[03:00.78]Grain of sand
[03:04.75]Exit light (aah)
[03:08.25]Enter night (ooh)
[03:12.26]Take my hand
[03:16.27]We're off to never never land
[03:18.74]**Thank You**
[03:22.50]--Wafed BRMTR--