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Lrc Everybody Screams by New Language

Everybody Screams - New Language LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11552 - Everybody Screams by New Language [03:39.74] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:New Language]
[ti:Everybody Screams]
[00:05.14]Run away run away
[00:05.64]From the other
[00:07.38]Castaway with no review
[00:10.39]Play the game of disdain undercover
[00:14.39]Tightly wrapped in a point of view
[00:17.64]Deserted, deserted
[00:23.90]Drowned out on the other side
[00:25.39]Perfect, perfect
[00:28.65]Leaving all doubt behind
[00:37.90]Back and forth, back and forth
[00:39.15]Pulling under
[00:40.90]Swim in the cynical
[00:43.65]Pull away, pull away
[00:45.90]From each other
[00:47.40]The crowning is cyclical
[00:50.65]Leave your courage
[00:55.15]I know that, there’s no where else to go
[00:59.16]I’ve seen, your fury
[01:02.41]Believe me, closer than you know
[01:05.65]Everybody screams, everybody screams
[01:25.19]What’d you do what’d you do
[01:26.68]That’s so different
[01:28.43]Touting a noble cause
[01:31.94]It’s the same, all the same
[01:34.19]For the others
[01:35.69]Following a different call