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Lrc Everything i do by Maejor

Everything i do - Maejor LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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52095 - Everything i do by Maejor [03:34.52] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Everything i do]
[00:02.26]I need you to know, I need you to know
[00:08.75]I need you to know yeah, I do it for you, for you

[Verse 1:]
[00:13.01]I never listen when they say
[00:14.74]The more things seem to change the more they stay the same
[00:18.01]Cause' now it seems the only difference is the pain
[00:20.99]Cause' we don't even kick it no more

[00:25.50]It's like I'm lost off in a maze
[00:27.50]You use to be my shawty
[00:30.51]Now you act like you don't know me
[00:34.01]Can't beleive that you just gon' walk out the door

[00:38.53]You see I told that girl you were my world
[00:44.75]You see I know you could feel just like before
[00:51.00]If you only knew
[00:54.02]That everything I do, I do it for you

[00:59.79](Well I use to but now it's kinda' hard cause'
[01:02.79]You don't answer the phone)

[Verse 2:]
[01:04.56]I don't know what's going on
[01:06.29]You use to be my only
[01:09.04]Now you wana' leave me lonely
[01:12.29]I don't know how you can see that I adore you

[01:16.54](Everybody else can)
[01:17.29]Even though I'll be okay, you know them girls love me
[01:20.54]I still think it's wrong how you treat me so ugly
[01:23.80]Like you don't even care that I will give up everything for you

[01:29.80]You see I told you that girl you were my world
[01:36.30]You see I know you could feel just like before
[01:42.54]If you only knew
[01:45.54]That everything I do, I do it for you
[01:52.53]For you, For you, For you...

[Verse 3:]
[01:55.04]Whatever happened to our life long arrangments
[01:57.80]Wintertime engangements, summertime weddings
[02:00.79]We'll never know where they buque went
[02:02.55]So what you doin' out, it's more than foul
[02:04.55]It's rather frangrent, cause' I was given you my all
[02:07.54]And You was just complainin'
[02:09.04]But If you with somebody, you should trust em'
[02:11.30]You'll never get the time to love somebody, If you judge em'
[02:14.54]And I never wana' be that guy you blame, but I was him
[02:17.79]And Now you still my fam, but not close, we like cousins
[02:21.04]So now I listen closely when you mad
[02:23.05]Cause' that's when the truth comes out
[02:25.05]And You say such crazy things, I don't know what that's about
[02:27.79]Okay, I know this ain't' the time & you probly should go
[02:31.04]But before you leave, somethin' that you probly shoud know is that

[02:35.04]That everything I do, I do it for you,
[02:43.80]For you, For you, For you...

[02:47.29]So Imean, I don't know but, nawh I don't regret it
[02:56.29]You shouldn't never regret something that made you smile
[02:59.54]It's just, I don't know