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Lrc Favorite Color Is Blue by Robert DeLong

Favorite Color Is Blue - Robert DeLong LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11179 - Favorite Color Is Blue by Robert DeLong [03:34.67] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Robert DeLong]
[ti:Favorite Color Is Blue]
[00:06.88]Locked up, naked with socks
[00:09.39]I'm watching the phone ring
[00:13.14]It's making me angry
[00:16.65]It's making me mad
[00:21.16]Maxed out, minimum wage
[00:23.90]My brain is a time bomb
[00:27.16]I'm saying goodbye, Mom
[00:30.67]I'll see you again
[00:35.16]Striking a pose
[00:37.42]Smiling in photos without any reason
[00:38.92]With people that I'll never know
[00:40.68]I'm outta control, living a fictional prose
[00:42.93]I took an oath, it's killing me though
[00:45.18]'Cause I don't believe in the things that I do
[00:47.93]And now my favorite color is blue
[00:55.94]And now my favorite color is blue
[01:03.44]And now my favorite
[01:04.69]Roped up, rat in a cage
[01:07.45]I'm having a breakdown
[01:10.70]Drinking at a playground, tequila for one
[01:18.97]Too short, walking the streets, I'm hating my haircut
[01:25.22]You say that you're here, but
[01:28.73]You live on the Sun
[01:34.23]Burning a kite
[01:35.73]I'm at a funeral, nothing unusual
[01:36.98]Baby, I do what I like
[01:39.23]Looking to fight, smoking a blunt and a pipe
[01:40.99]Taking a bite, worm in the apple
[01:43.24]I knew what would happen, 'cause honey the vermin survive
[01:46.25]Swerve to the side, been driving all night
[01:47.99]I'm thinking of changing my name, thinking of wrecking a home
[01:51.50]'Cause loving and hating are one and the same
[01:53.25]And I'm feeling like everyone's feeling alone
[01:55.25]I'm just looking for something to soften the blow
[01:57.00]A second inside of the truth
[01:59.51]I don't see red 'cause
[02:01.01]Now my favorite color is blue