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Lrc Feel good by Stony

Feel good - Stony LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50978 - Feel good by Stony [03:38.20] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Stony ]
[ti:Feel good ]
[00:04.61]I've discovered something amazing
[00:05.63]Aaaaaaaa Aaaaaaa Aaaaaaa Aaaaaa....
[00:15.60]To tell me are you feeling good now
[00:17.85]Tell me are you feeling good now
[00:20.35]Tell me are you feeling good now
[00:22.35]Tell me feeling good now
[00:23.37]Tell me feeling good now
[00:25.12]It's showtime. Stony, hook em up
[00:26.85]Show you all a great time like i'm on that Bell & Ross.
[00:29.11]Whenever you're stressed over whatever you bank up
[00:31.35]Just strap on a tank top and roll over to dreng's spot
[00:33.88]We can cop a couple of Capri Sun's in the sun, we can do it
[00:36.86]Feeling like you run with the ones that are cool
[00:39.13]That's the fucking rule
[00:40.61]Don't open the gate unless you're dressed for the pool
[00:42.85]And that goes for you and your slutty two friends too
[00:45.12]I'm just playing, alright fuck it, it's true
[00:47.36]This is that "bathing suit pressure" music
[00:49.10]That "undress you” music
[00:50.10]That “make you wanna black out and wake up to Kesha” music
[00:52.36]We on that. So when the night comes, and the day goes
[00:56.85]We can tear of all those damn clothes
[01:05.60]We keep it going till it's gone
[01:11.85]So tell me are you feeling good now?
[01:14.36]So tell me are you feeling good now?
[01:16.61]So tell me are you feeling good now?
[01:18.35]So tell me are you feeling good now?
[01:21.10]Top down, top down with the music loud
[01:23.11]The backseat passed out when the drinks around
[01:25.61]Two shot and the makeup's down
[01:27.60]Why you covering up your face when your ass is out?
[01:30.10]Girl you got an ass like Iggy Azalea not Pop
[01:33.36]Pause don't get freaky on me
[01:35.10]Now honey that shit would be a bummer
[01:36.60]I'm just being honest like i'm New York in the summer. Bars
[01:39.35]This is the shit that will get your feet up off the ground. Derren Brown
[01:44.85]Don't act so shy with your drink in the corner you're bad I can tell
[01:48.60]Yeah. I like you. Keep making you laugh, comic
[01:51.10]That type of shit gets her in bed, on it
[01:53.62]I love her with the lights off, Amish
[01:56.37]Don't wanna get her pregnant so I glove her, childish, prevented