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Lrc Final Phase (Ft Dickie Allen) by Signs Of The Swarm

Final Phase (Ft Dickie Allen) - Signs Of The Swarm LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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82030 - Final Phase (Ft Dickie Allen) by Signs Of The Swarm [05:28.20] 3 months ago
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[ar:Signs Of The Swarm]
[al:The Disfigurement of Existence]
[ti:Final Phase (Ft Dickie Allen)]
[au:Cj. McCreery, Dickie Allen]
Wipe the earth clean
[00:02.06]of its remains
[00:04.20]Tides of punishment come to sterilize
[00:08.30]a fucking
[00:09.56]disgusting place
[00:12.35]Exterminating the human race
[00:42.51]hopeless bastards lay waste in
[00:44.96]a bitter creation
[00:46.99]Cycling in excuse filled
[00:50.45]An egotistic
[00:53.00]Suffocates in laziness and
[00:57.04]Too many years wasted on
[00:58.59]a hopeless universe
[01:01.00]A final phase of defacing the earth
[01:03.01]to sterilize, and start new
[01:07.04]full of regret
[01:09.24]We've got
[01:10.01]nothing to be proud of
[01:19.87]Watch them turn to dust
[01:22.04]An ancient wrath demolishes
[01:23.92]everything in its way
[01:26.54]Making room for the new species
[01:28.06]to restart and rebuild
[01:30.55]Burning their families
[01:33.00]A plague of cruel disease
[01:35.00]completely cleansing the useless
[01:42.44]swallow the earth
[01:47.40]of blood
[01:51.09]all of the cities
[01:53.30]drowning the foolish
[01:59.48]This is not the second coming
[02:02.05]but a dark cleansing
[02:05.68]This is not
[02:07.00]the second coming
[02:09.06]but a dark cleansing
[02:13.99]turn to dust
[02:15.52]Foolish bastards
[02:17.08]turned inside out
[02:20.50]and separated at the
[02:29.50]To burn in their own!
[02:32.54]Layers of flesh ripped open right
[02:36.03]Before their eyes!
[02:38.53]Exposing their insides
[02:44.45]And running down their severed limbs
[02:51.05]Quickly rotting from the
[02:53.59]in-side out
[02:57.53]bubbling skin
[03:03.50]Sent by the plague
[03:06.54]Spines violently, removed!
[03:10.48]Choking on chunks of their esophagus~
[03:16.02]vomiting intestines
[03:18.07]A final phase
[03:23.07]An entire species turned
[03:25.03]inside out
[03:26.58]A wasteland of mangled
[03:28.84]bodies to burn
[03:31.50]For the new world
[03:32.90]to restart
[03:35.44]Temples made out of bone
[03:39.01]This is
[03:40.15]their new home
[03:41.23]Wipe the earth, clean of its remains
[03:43.56]tides of
[03:44.86]punishment have
[03:48.25]A fucking
[03:50.51]disgusting place
[03:53.02]Extermination of the human race
[04:01.03]Extermination of the human race
[04:25.47]hateful plague
[04:30.51]all of
[04:36.08]The new leaders
[04:37.53]Plant new
[04:38.06]species on to what
[04:39.01]was once, known as earth
[04:41.04]restart and rebuild
[04:42.07]on the ashes of our executed