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Lrc Fire by Anushqa ft. Hard kaur

Fire - Anushqa ft. Hard kaur LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50591 - Fire by Anushqa ft. Hard kaur [02:40.25] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Anushqa ft. Hard kaur]
[00:13.91]Come back down to earth he said
[00:18.42]Fools’ paradise you live in she said
[00:21.67]Ah Well I need to be
[00:23.66]Where dreaming is free
[00:25.90]Making reality
[00:29.67]Been hard times, my flaws weighing in
[00:33.16]Never gave up the fighter within
[00:36.67]Passion at my core
[00:38.66]As the driving force
[00:40.66]Shaping my destiny
[00:43.91]There’s a fire within me
[00:47.66]There’s a fire within me
[00:51.16]Sky’s the limit
[00:52.92]The flames they lift me higher
[01:06.17]Yo, you don’t get to tell me what to do
[01:07.67]I got that attitude it’s so brand new
[01:09.66]Got my own ride, Own Crib and money in my purse
[01:12.17]My own bread and I get to choose
[01:15.42]I feel the blood rushing through my veins
[01:16.41]You know we here to make that change
[01:18.16]And any suckaa getting in my way, betta move Imma
[01:19.66]Bring da pain
[01:21.17]This is how I shape my world
[01:22.92]To every woman out there every little girl
[01:24.66]Listen you’re beautiful wonderful especially powerful
[01:26.91]Live your life to da full
[01:28.42]Cuz they can’t take away my freedom
[01:30.42]I got myself yo I don’t need em
[01:32.42]Live my life like a Bawse, Get Respect from my Bro’s
[01:33.92]Cuz I don’t follow, I lead em!!
[01:36.42]Facing the dream, oh it feeds the soul
[01:39.67]It is your life, you’re in control
[01:43.67]Keep getting strong
[01:45.42]And prove them wrong
[01:47.17]Be the best you can be
[01:50.92]There’s a fire within me
[01:54.42]There’s a fire oooo ooo
[01:57.91]Sky’s the limit
[02:00.17]The flames they lift me higher
[02:06.66]This ain’t just a song it’s an actual promise
[02:09.94]You tried to bring me down but I’m still out here standing
[02:13.42]You see that fire in me ? Give you light with my words
[02:17.41]Like I already told ya son, This is how I shape my world
[02:20.40]There’s a fire within me
[02:23.91]There’s a fire within me
[02:27.91]With the light I see where I wanna be oh