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Lrc Fly Like You by Wasteland Wailers

Fly Like You - Wasteland Wailers LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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21392 - Fly Like You by Wasteland Wailers [05:29.98] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Wasteland Wailers]
[ti:Fly Like You]
[00:22.28]Had a pegasister back in school
[00:25.24]Only filly flier for a mile or two
[00:28.54]We was thick as thieves,
[00:30.29] Two hairs in a tail
[00:32.03]Even got myself up to Cloudsdale
[00:36.06]A flock friends flew me up, held tight
[00:38.52]The bass and the liquor were pounding till the daylight
[00:42.74]Drunk hit my brain,
[00:43.79]Like a media crescendo
[00:46.23]Then they started chuckin' ponies out the window
[00:50.41]One by one were thrown off and flew back up doing tricks
[00:56.22]It happened fast, but somehow I got tossed off in the mix
[01:03.31]The ground came at me lightning quick. Got me crying, screaming and kinda sick.
[01:09.61]You were too drunk to notice, and too loud to listen,
[01:13.77]And I guess my broken limb ain’t worth the fallin' distance
[01:20.42]Well I, Guess I'll heal myself on the ground cuz
[01:24.00]My lack of fringes just seems to slow you down
[01:27.29]You called out "Sorry!” and “Glad you didn't bite it!"
[01:30.29]Well, glue your wings and jump and we'll see how you like it!
[01:34.48]If there's a race in life you'd win
[01:36.99]I'll be here below the stratosphere as long as you're in it
[01:41.02]Can't flutter for nothin, but they still got a rise
[01:43.96]I'd love to be flapping instead of just tapping, but that's just not happening.
[01:49.60]I'll never be fly like you
[01:53.82]Fly like you
[01:57.69]Fly like you
[02:00.73]Verse 2
[02:05.23]I was scratchin' an itch that I just couldn't find
[02:08.02]And mah little pegasister was there by my side
[02:11.28]I asked "Honey, you got a wing you can spare?"
[02:14.98]Her feather flicked a fly and she just said
[02:17.23]"Grow a pair."
[02:19.23]I'd had enough and I spat too quick
[02:21.48]"What'd your mama do to go and make you be so prickly"
[02:25.23]I'd had enough of biting my lip she said
[02:29.01]"You and that bump clear your own clouds, skip."
[02:33.06]I said “Watch your back, cuz this bump could shoot you out the sky!”
[02:39.35]She smiled and said “Guess you were dropped on your head, but I
[02:43.02]See the reason why.”
[02:45.98]I kicked a bucket as she caught a breeze and I screamed "I'd bet you'd kill for one of these!"
[02:52.96]I trained my horn up to the sky like a weapon and I
[02:56.60]Sprayed a ray and prayed and cleared it up in about… two seconds
[03:03.19]Well I, Can't keep up whatever I do
[03:06.17]And I'm sorry my hooves and horn just bore you
[03:10.10]You can clear the sky in 10 seconds flat?
[03:13.30]Well I can beat your time by 8 so… how 'bout that?
[03:16.94]If there was a race in life you'd win
[03:19.64]I'll be here below the stratosphere as long as you're in it
[03:23.84]Flutter above me but you'll never get a rise
[03:26.60]Even come at me with somethin' real snappy, I'll still be happy never bein' fly like you
[03:48.19]I've been told to turn the other cheek and rise above it
[03:54.62]The weather is perfect so all expect worship but
[03:58.10]I think they can shove it!
[04:02.35]I bite my tongue, choke, swallow and smile when I’m around her
[04:08.09]But it’s tough to get manic, 'bout the aerodynamic when there's
[04:12.19]All these wiseguy pegasii flyin' by screamin'
[04:16.21]"Suck it grounder!"
[04:20.35]Can't keep up, whatever, I tried
[04:25.14]And I'll never crack your clique cuz I don't go Mach V
[04:30.10]Countin' down the days till you crash and witness
[04:33.60]How gravity makes the rest of us it's dirty little mistress.
[04:38.35]If there was a race in life you'd win
[04:41.35]I'll be here below the stratosphere as long as you're in it
[04:46.64]Go and take your picture, it's the last time I'll be by
[04:50.35]Flexing your wings's all you do, it's depressing
[04:54.21][spoken] Oh and watch where you're flyin', I hear when you splat it gets real nasty
[04:58.60]To hell with your flapping, all your wings will need wrapping
[05:02.85]While we all die happy
[05:08.16]Never bein' fly like you