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Lrc Friend Like Me by Aladdin

Friend Like Me - Aladdin LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11684 - Friend Like Me by Aladdin [02:24.94] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Friend Like Me]
[00:11.41]Well, Ali Baba had
[00:12.41]Them forty thieves
[00:13.66]Scheherazade had a thousand tales
[00:15.91]But, master, you in luck '
[00:16.91]cause up your sleeves
[00:18.16]You got a brand of magic
[00:19.04]Never fails
[00:20.54]You got some power
[00:21.54]In your corner now
[00:22.79]Some heavy ammunition
[00:24.05]In your camp
[00:25.55]You got some punch,
[00:26.30]Pizazz, yahoo, and how?
[00:27.79]See, all you gotta do
[00:28.54]Is rub that lamp,
[00:29.80]And I'll say
[00:30.55]"Mr. Aladdin, sir
[00:32.55]What will your pleasure be?
[00:35.05]Let me take your order,
[00:36.04]Jot it down"
[00:37.05]You ain't never had
[00:38.18]A friend like me, ha ha ha
[00:40.18]Life is your restaurant
[00:41.93]And I'm your maitre d'
[00:44.43]Come on, whisper
[00:45.19]What it is you want
[00:46.68]You ain't never had
[00:47.33]A friend like me
[00:48.22]Yes sir, we pride
[00:49.47]Ourselves on service
[00:51.22]You're the boss,
[00:51.97]The king, the shah
[00:53.97]Say what you wish,
[00:54.72]It's yours! True dish
[00:55.97]How about a little more baklava?
[00:58.97]Have some of column A
[01:00.47]Try all of column B
[01:03.22]I'm in the mood
[01:04.22]To help you, dude
[01:05.47]You ain't never had
[01:06.47]A friend like me
[01:08.22]Wah-ah-ah, mo-my
[01:10.47]Wah-ah-ah, no-no
[01:12.72]Wah-ah-ah, my my my
[01:16.97]Can your friends do this?
[01:18.97]Can your friends do that?
[01:21.47]Can your friends pull this
[01:23.72]Out their little hat?
[01:26.22]Can your friends go poof?
[01:28.47]Hey, looky here, ha ha
[01:30.97]Can your friends go
[01:31.72]"Abracadabra," let 'er rip
[01:33.72]And then make the sucker disappear
[01:36.22]So don't you sit there
[01:37.72]Slack-jawed, buggy-eyed
[01:38.72]I'm here to answer all
[01:39.10]Your midnight prayers
[01:40.60]You got me bona fide, certified
[01:42.99]You got a genie for your
[01:43.99]Charge d'affaires
[01:45.24]I got a powerful urge
[01:46.49]To help you out
[01:47.49]So what's your wish?
[01:48.13]I really wanna know
[01:49.76]You got a list that's
[01:51.01]Three miles long, no doubt
[01:52.01]Well, all you gotta do
[01:53.01]Is rub like so
[01:54.65]Mister Aladdin, sir
[01:56.65]Have a wish or two or three
[01:59.15]I'm on the job,
[02:00.15]You big nabob
[02:01.15]You ain't never had a friend,
[02:02.40]Never had a friend,
[02:03.40]You ain't
[02:04.03]Never had a friend,
[02:04.78]Never had a friend,
[02:05.78]You ain't
[02:07.53]had a...
[02:17.78]You ain't never had
[02:18.53]A friend like me!