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Lrc Funeral Kid

Funeral Kid LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50414 - Funeral Kid [04:32.58] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:01.39](sample taken from dead poets society)
[00:02.51]see the lights on in the city
[00:03.11]see the faces in the clouds?
[00:03.67]you've got an open heart in a one way street
[00:04.53]you can't turn it around
[00:06.21]see the lights out in the city?
[00:06.51]means the storm is on it's way
[00:07.05]i've got enough light for the morning
[00:07.57]got enough in me to say
[00:08.95]i was wrong
[00:09.21]i was wrong about the way the world will end
[00:09.77]thought i was strong
[00:10.32]thought at least that i could pretend
[00:10.91]all the words you say to me
[00:11.43]when i'm crying on the phone
[00:11.73]i've got these demons crawling in my chest
[00:12.53]they won't leave me alone
[00:12.81]and i'm struggling just to stay alive
[00:13.35]and i miss you every day
[00:13.87]put all my love into my funeral kid
[00:14.43]and they're taking him away
[00:15.75]we can talk about it if you want
[00:16.91]if you've got something to say
[00:17.73]lost all my quarters in this payphone
[00:18.25]just to hear your voice today
[00:19.69]oh, my darling's made of ashes
[00:20.27]oh, my darling's got no eyes
[00:20.55]but i think that i could love him
[00:21.09]if i really tried
[00:22.45]you were right
[00:22.75]you were right that i am lost inside myself
[00:23.28]for just one night
[00:23.81]at your hands, the highest high i've ever felt
[00:24.35]all the words you say to me
[00:24.91]beside me in my bed
[00:25.21]while these demons are knocking at my door
[00:25.77]they want to shoot us dead
[00:26.35]i won't let you run away
[00:26.87]i can't miss you for so long
[00:27.43]i left my heart in the hands of my funeral kid
[00:27.97]and i don't know where he's gone