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Lrc GACKT _ サクラ、散ル・・・ ( 720 X 1280 )

GACKT _ サクラ、散ル・・・ ( 720 X 1280 ) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43535 - GACKT _ サクラ、散ル・・・ ( 720 X 1280 ) [00:00.00] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:22.00]In this place I once was with you
[00:27.00]the season is changing again
[00:34.00]In the night sky I looked up to,
[00:39.00]unchanged from that day, you smile
[00:45.00]Unforgettable [That day]
[00:48.00]Too ephemeral [The day that was]
[00:51.00]I kept screaming your name
[00:58.00]I love you
[01:0.00]I want to see you again
[01:04.05]Can you hear my voice?
[01:12.00]Sakura fall, I caught a petal
[01:19.00]embracing a piece of you
[01:25.00]Tears, no matter how much i try to count them
[01:31.00]that day will not return
[01:38.00]When I look up, the starry sky fluttering with petals seems lonely
[01:43.00]I embrace it and
[01:49.00]so that the two of us will never be parted again
[01:55.18]I'll light the ground at your feet
[02:01.00]It seems like I almost reach you,
[02:04.00]but don't,
[02:07.00]No matter how far I reach out my hand
[02:13.00][You're] Too far away
[02:16.00]About to break
[02:19.00]Can you see my tears?
[02:25.00]Sakura fall, I caught a petal
[02:32.00]embracing a piece of you
[02:38.00]Tears, no matter how many of them I count
[02:44.25]that day will not return...