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Lrc GIVEN Track 1

GIVEN Track 1 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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84334 - GIVEN Track 1 [01:46.32] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[ti:GIVEN Track 1]
[00:00.68]Haruki: Hello~!!! I’m Given’s bassist, Nakayama Haruki~ Well! this is Given “unplugged”* radio talk show~….aaaah, this feels like something actual artists would do, right?!! Isn’t this great?
[00:16.80]Haruki: EHHHHHH?!! No reaction, seriously???!! Hey this is a radio show so if you don’t talk…!!! Eh?! he-heyy this will turn out like I alone am doing all the talking!!!.. *Gulp* N-No- that’s not it! we do have the other members here with me~….
[00:28.28]Akihiko: —and thus we met Haruki who alone believed that..
[00:30.80]Haruki: WHAT KIND OF A SETTING IS THAT?!?… Mafuyu’s looking at me with gentle eyes, please stop~ *cry*
[00:35.46]Akihiko: ………AND WITH THAT WE’LL NOW BEGIN! YAAAA~Y!
[00:39.58]Uenoyama & Mafuyu: YAYyy!!
[00:40.52]Haruki: *gloomy* Yayyy… What is this feeling like I’m being toyed with right from the beginning…
[00:43.79]Akihiko: Nah because, Haruki in such high spirits was really cute~
[00:46.24]Haruki: *choke* cu-cute—!! [LOL]
[00:48.61]Uenoyama: —I understand the excitement! I also listen to my favourite artists’ radio shows ‘n stuff!
[00:52.08]Mafuyu: Do band members host radio shows..? [He’s so cute asdfghjkl]
[00:54.06]Uenoyama: Well it depends on the band…hey we’re also doing one right now, aren’t we?
[00:59.62]Mafuyu: Ahh, I see.
[01:00.14]Haruki: Yep that’s right~ also, haven’t you guys forgotten about your self-introductions?
[01:04.64]Uenoyama: Ohh.
[01:05.21]Mafuyu: Ah!
[01:05.74]Haruki: Yeah~! The we’ll start the introductions with Akihiko~
[01:08.26]Akihiko: Kaji Akihiko, the drummer~
[01:10.06]Uenoyama: Uenoyama Ritsuka, the guitarist…mmh! [Indicating Mafuyu to speak next. Cute!!]
[01:13.54]Mafuyu: I’m Satou Mafuyu, the vocalist, and… I play the guitar.
[01:18.46]Haruki: Right! We’re all over the place but the four of us will be hosting this show. Although it’s only for a short time, please stay with us~ one— two—!
[01:27.04]Everyone: Given’s talk!