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Lrc Given (ギヴン) - Yorugaakeru (夜が明ける) (Dawn Breaks) (KanRomEng) Lyrics歌詞

Given (ギヴン) - Yorugaakeru (夜が明ける) (Dawn Breaks) (KanRomEng) Lyrics歌詞 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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91786 - Given (ギヴン) - Yorugaakeru (夜が明ける) (Dawn Breaks) (KanRomEng) Lyrics歌詞 [04:41.57] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[00:01.82]Nemurenakute mo yoru wa akeru Sore o boku wa nagamete iruEven if I can't sleep,the dawn will break as I am watching it
[00:21.57]Kawaribae no nai shiroi kabe ni Asahi wa sasu tokei mo susumu
[00:52.06]Kimi to ikita ano kisetsu kara
[00:54.32]Ippo zutsu boku dake ga tōzakaru yōna
[01:00.07]Over the unchanging white wall
[01:00.07]The sun shines,the clock ticks forward The seasons I had lived in with you
[01:01.07]Little by little becomes distant only from me
[01:21.57]Kono mama yoru no naka o tadayotte
[01:28.32]Itai na I want to keep wandering into the enight like this
[01:28.82]Nemurenakute mo yoru wa akeru
[01:29.34]Sore o boku wa nagamete iru
[01:30.05]Kawatte ku koto owatte ku koto Hajimatte ku koto Kimi ga inakute mo ikite yukeru Sore ga boku wa nē kanashī Hora mōsugu yoru ga akeru Yoru ga akeru Even if I can't sleep,the dawn will break as I am watching it
[01:40.57]Things changing, things ending, things beginning Even if you are not here,I can keep on living See, that's what saddens me Look, the dawn is nearly breaking, the dawn is breaking
[02:01.83]Haru ni saite aki ni kareru Soredemo nandodemo mata mewodasu to Blooming in spring, withering in fall Even so, it will sprout again and again
[02:29.07]Kore made janaku korekarada yotte
[02:32.85]Wakatteru I understand that it isn't "until now", but it's "from now"
[02:35.84]Nemurenakutе mo yoru wa akeru Tsunaida te mo yagate hanarеru Tohō ni kurete naki wameite mo Yagate naki yamu
[02:43.32]Kimi ga inakute mo ikite yukerukedo Aisa renakute mo kiminiaitai Hora mōsugu yoru ga akeru Yoru ga akeru
[02:44.32]Even if I can't sleep, the dawn will break Even if our connected hands will eventually be apart Even if I lose my way crying and screaming, I'll eventually stop crying Even if you are not here, I can keep on living But even if I am not loved, I still miss you Look, the dawn is nearly breaking, the dawn is breaking
[03:29.25]Mada dare mo kanau ka wakaranu negai o
[03:37.08]Hito wa kibō to yobu The wish that nobody still know whether it will come true Is what people call hope
[03:43.82]Kimi ga inakute mo yoru wa akeru
[03:49.32]Hanareta te mo yagate mata tsunagu
[03:54.56]Nagai yorunohate ni hito wa hikari o shiru Dakara kowakute mo ikite ikeru
[04:12.43]Hi ga noboreba mata aruki dasu Hora mōsugu yoru ga akeru Dakara daijōbu
[04:26.10]Even if you are not here, the dawn will break Our separated hands will eventually be reconnected One will realize the light at the end of the night That's why even if it's scary, I can keep living When the sun rises, I'll start walking again Look, the dawn is nearly breaking,so it'll be ok
[04:27.58]Hora mosugu Hora sugu soko Yoru ga akeru Look, the dawn is nearly breaking