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Lrc Go The Distance by Micheal Bolton

Go The Distance - Micheal Bolton LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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42394 - Go The Distance by Micheal Bolton [04:43.87] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Micheal Bolton]
[ti:Go The Distance]
[00:17.85]I have often dreamed,
[00:20.35]of a far off place
[00:22.59]Where a hero's welcome,
[00:28.60]would be waiting for me
[00:31.85]Where the crowds
[00:34.59]will cheer,
[00:36.61]when they see my face
[00:39.35]And a voice keeps saying,
[00:43.86]"This is where
[00:45.84]I'm meant to be"
[00:47.84]I'll be there someday,
[00:50.62]I can go the distance
[00:55.09]I will find my way,
[00:58.10]if I can be strong
[01:02.37]I know every mile,
[01:06.86]will be worth my while
[01:10.88]When I go the distance,
[01:15.84]I'll be right where
[01:19.09]I belong
[01:26.64]Down an unknown road,
[01:32.88]to embrace my fate
[01:35.32]Though that road may
[01:39.27] wander,
[01:40.52]it will lead me to you
[01:43.30]And a thousand years,
[01:46.29]would be worth the wait
[01:51.02]It might take a lifetime,
[01:54.27]but somehow I'll see it
[01:57.26] through
[01:58.78]And I won't look back,
[02:01.03]I can go the distance
[02:03.78]And I'll stay on track, no,
[02:11.78]I won't accept defeat
[02:14.27]It's an uphill slope,
[02:16.78]but I won't lose hope
[02:20.53]Till I go the distance,
[02:24.78]and my journey is complete
[02:27.27]But to look beyond the
[02:39.77]glory is the hardest part
[02:43.28]For a hero's strength
[02:47.28]is measured by his heart
[02:50.27]Like a shooting star,
[03:18.27]I will go the distance
[03:21.78]I will search the world,
[03:24.80]I will face its harms
[03:28.77]I don't care how far,
[03:33.06]I can go the distance
[03:37.27]Till I find my hero's
[03:41.27]welcome, waiting in
[03:46.52] your arms
[04:01.29]I will search the world,
[04:05.76]I will face its harms
[04:09.78]Till I find my hero's
[04:17.79] welcome, waiting
[04:23.51]in your arms