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Lrc Hatsune Miku - Crier (クライヤ)

Hatsune Miku - Crier (クライヤ) LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81437 - Hatsune Miku - Crier (クライヤ) [04:35.02] 1 year ago
by Guest
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Whenever I feel uneasy, the tears naturally spill,
[00:02.87]And when I'm done, I fall asleep from exhaustion... That's right,
[00:10.86]Those nights repeat themselves unchanging,
[00:11.87]And I wake up to another suffocating morning...

[00:12.64]Worry, regret, the ongoing dark,
[00:14.63]Excessive envy for the crowds so stark,
[00:15.39]Jealousy, bias, they damage my heart,
[00:16.12]And turn to tears again...

[00:16.63]I cry, and I cry, but I still can't change a thing;
[00:17.12]In outright misery, I can't help being anxious
[00:17.69]I have nothing, but I'm longing, so somebody, just...
[00:18.90]Take my eyes, and my heart, just take them away from me...
[00:19.63]Right away...

[00:20.63]People are liars, for all their own reasons,
[00:21.39]But I can't see through all of them,
[00:21.88]So I cling only to your words, believing...

[00:22.38]So all your lies, whatever they are,
[00:22.66]Wound me so, so deeply...
[00:22.90]So enough already...

[00:23.14]Look, the same wound in the same place;
[00:23.63]It's just adding one more - that's all it is...

[00:23.88]Time and again, people spout off selfish words,
[00:25.37]And I'm hurt, though I'm self-centered myself...
[00:25.89]"You have nothing, so don't worry about it" - I pretend not to hear;
[00:27.12]More than anything, more than anyone, I worry about it...
[00:27.86]I'm such a fool...

[00:28.61]When you give up, it's over;
[00:30.12]But I can't do anything about anything
[00:30.64]How many times have kind words fooled me,
[00:31.36]And then pushed me to the ground?
[00:32.11]I don't care, I don't care about anyone!
[00:32.41]Even while I agonize like this,
[00:32.67]If you say pain makes you stronger...
[00:32.67]How many more times do I have to cry?

[00:32.93]I cry, and I cry, but I still can't change a thing;
[00:33.11]I'm so sad, I'm so regretful, but I can't do anything...
[00:33.37]Having nothing still, tears soak my wounded heart
[00:33.62]It's blurry, it hurts, I can't stop it anymore...

[00:33.89]Time and again, I've looked for a reason to live,
[00:33.89]But I'm still not sure about anything, not even why I cry...
[00:34.16]I don't have anything, but each time I stop crying, tomorrow comes,
[00:35.13]So "I'm glad I'm alive" - for the day to come that I think so...
[00:35.13]I'm praying for it now...

[00:35.88]How many times?! How many times?!