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Lrc Hawayein by Arijit

Hawayein - Arijit LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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22281 - Hawayein by Arijit [04:49.99] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:15.53]Tujhko… main rakh loon wahaan
[00:0.00]Jahaan pe kahin
[00:0.00]Hai mera yaqeen

[00:0.00]Main jo… tera naa huaa
[00:0.00]Kisi ka nahin…
[00:0.00]Kisi ka nahin..

[00:0.00]Le jaayein jaane kahaan
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein…
[00:0.00]Le jaayein tujhe kahaan
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein…

[00:0.00]Begaani hai yeh baaghi
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein
[00:0.00]Le jaaye mujhe kahan
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein

[00:0.00]Le jaayein jaane kahaan, na mujhko khabar
[00:0.00]Na tujhko pataa…


[00:0.00]Banaati hai jo tu…
[00:0.00]Woh yaadein jaane sang mere kab tak chale
[00:0.00]Inhi mein to meri…
[00:0.00]Subah bhi dhalein
[00:0.00]Shamein dhalein
[00:0.00]Mausam dhalein

[00:0.00]Khayalon ka shehar…
[00:0.00]Tu jaane tere hone se hi aabaad hai
[00:0.00]Hawayein haq mein…
[00:0.00]Wohi hai aate jaate jo tera naam le

[00:0.00]Deti hain jo sadayein
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein
[00:0.00]Na jaane kya batayein
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein
[00:0.00]Le jaaye tujhe kahaan
[00:0.00]hawayein, hawayein
[00:0.00]Le jaaye mujhe kahaan
[00:0.00]Hawayein, hawayein

[00:0.00]Le jaayein jaane kahaan, na mujhko khabar
[00:0.00]Naa tujhko pataa…


[00:0.00]Chehra.. kyun milta tera
[00:0.00]Yun khwabon se mere
[00:0.00]Ye kya raaz hai?
[00:0.00]Kal bhi.. meri na thi tu
[00:0.00]Naa hogi tu Kal
[00:0.00]Meri aaj hai 🙂

[00:0.00]Teri hai meri, saari wafayein wafayein
[00:0.00]Maangi hai tere liye duaayein duaayein
[00:0.00]Le jaaye tujhe kahaan.. hawayein, hawayein
[00:0.00]Le jaaye mujhe kahaan.. hawayein, hawayein

[00:0.00]Le jaaye jaane kahaan (hawayein hawayein)
[00:0.00]Le jaaye tujhe kahaan (hawayein hawayein) (x2)

[00:0.00]Le jaaye jaane kahaan (hawayein hawayein)
[00:0.00]Le jaaye mujhe kahaan (hawayein hawayein) (x2)