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Lrc Hells Bells

Hells Bells LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11883 - Hells Bells [05:12.41] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Hells Bells]
[00:18.20]{00:20.26,Am}( I n t{00:21.27,D} r o ){00:22.45,C} {00:23.72,D}
[00:24.70]{00:24.98,Am}( I n t{00:26.19,D} r o ){00:27.47,C} {00:28.76,D}
[00:29.70]{00:30.01,Am}( I n t{00:31.26,D} r o ){00:32.50,C} {00:33.79,D}
[00:34.70]{00:35.06,Am}( I n t{00:36.29,D} r o ){00:37.52,C} {00:38.77,D}
[00:39.70]{00:40.02,Am}( I n t{00:41.27,D} r o ){00:42.50,C} {00:43.78,D}
[00:44.83]{00:45.01,Am}( I n t{00:46.26,D} r o ){00:47.49,C} {00:48.76,D}
[00:49.58]{00:50.00,Am}( I n t{00:51.19,D} r o ){00:52.41,C} {00:53.65,D}
[00:54.58]{00:54.91,Am}( I n t{00:56.17,D} r o ){00:57.37,C} {00:58.55,D}
[00:59.58]{00:59.74,Am}( I n t{01:00.93,D} r o ){01:02.10,C} {01:03.25,D}
[01:04.08]{01:04.39,Am}( I n t{01:05.57,D} r o ){01:06.75,C} {01:07.90,D}
[01:08.84]{01:09.08,Am}( I n t{01:10.23,D} r o ){01:11.42,C} {01:12.58,D}
[01:13.58]{01:13.77,Am}( I n t{01:14.88,D} r o ){01:16.11,G} {01:17.25,D}
[01:18.08]{01:18.42,Am}( I n t r{01:20.74,D} o ) {01:22.19,C} {01:22.71,G/B}
[01:22.97]{01:23.29,Am}( I n t r{01:25.24,D} o ) {01:26.72,C} {01:27.26,G/B}
[01:27.47]{01:27.79,Am} I'm a rolling thunder,{01:29.74,D} pouring rain{01:31.19,C} {01:31.74,G/B}
[01:31.97]{01:32.29,Am} I'm comin' on like {01:34.26,D}a hurrican{01:35.68,C}e {01:36.21,G/B}
[01:36.47]{01:36.75,Am} My lightning's flashing{01:38.73,D} across the sk{01:40.20,C}y {01:40.73,G/B}
[01:40.97]{01:41.29,Am} You're only young but {01:43.24,D}you're gonna di{01:44.68,C}e
[01:45.12]{01:45.24,G/B} I{01:45.78,D} won't take no prisoners
[01:47.51]Won't spare no {01:49.17,C}lives{01:49.69,G}
[01:50.01]{01:50.25,D} Nobody's putting up a fight
[01:53.51]{01:53.62,C} {01:54.17,G} I{01:54.73,E} got my bell, I'm gonna
[01:56.76]Take you to {01:58.06,D}hell{01:58.62,A}
[01:58.89]{01:59.22,E} I'm gonna get you, Satan get you{02:02.58,G}
[02:03.03]Hell's {02:03.68,Am}bells{02:04.55,D} {02:05.67,C} {02:06.81,D}
[02:07.28]Yeah, hell's {02:07.95,Am}bells{02:09.08,D} {02:10.20,C}
[02:10.67]You got {02:11.34,D}me ringing hell'{02:12.50,Am}s bell{02:13.65,D}s
[02:14.56]M{02:14.75,C}y temperature's {02:15.91,D}high, hell'{02:17.08,Am}s bell{02:18.20,D}s
[02:19.21]{02:19.34,G}( I n t e {02:20.47,D}r l u d e )
[02:21.46]{02:21.60,Am}( I n t e r{02:23.87,D} l u d e{02:25.29,C} ) {02:25.83,G/B}
[02:26.22]{02:26.35,Am}( I n t e r{02:28.35,D} l u d e )
[02:29.47]{02:29.74,C} I'll {02:30.24,G/B}give yo{02:30.80,Am}u black sensations
[02:32.35]Up and {02:33.03,D}down your spin{02:34.20,C}e {02:34.75,G/B}
[02:35.10]{02:35.34,Am} If you're into evil you're a {02:37.55,D}friend of min{02:38.70,C}e
[02:38.99]S{02:39.21,G/B}ee my {02:39.79,Am}white light flashing
[02:41.38]As I{02:42.04,D} split the night{02:43.13,C}. 'Cause {02:43.72,G/B}if
[02:44.04]{02:44.25,Am}Good's on the left, then I'm
[02:46.18]{02:46.49,D}Stickin' to the rig{02:47.62,C}ht {02:48.13,G/B}
[02:48.43]{02:48.69,D} I won't take no prisoners
[02:50.18]Won't spare no {02:52.06,C}lives{02:52.57,G}
[02:52.83]{02:53.11,D} Nobody's puttin' up a fight
[02:56.33]{02:56.48,C} {02:57.03,G} I{02:57.57,E} got my bell, I'm gonna
[02:59.58]Take you to {03:00.94,D}hell{03:01.46,A}
[03:01.83]{03:01.99,E} I'm gonna get you, Satan get you{03:05.29,G}
[03:05.83]Hell's {03:06.42,Am}bells{03:07.30,D} {03:08.43,C} {03:09.57,D}
[03:09.71]Aw, hell'{03:10.69,Am}s bells{03:11.79,D}
[03:12.60]{03:12.93,C} You got {03:14.09,D}me ringing hell'{03:15.18,Am}s bells{03:16.34,D}
[03:17.35]M{03:17.46,C}y temperature's{03:18.58,D} high, hell'{03:19.73,Am}s bell{03:20.83,D}s
[03:21.60]{03:21.97,G}( I n t e {03:23.08,D}r l u d e {03:24.25,Am})
[03:33.23]{03:33.78,Am}( I n s t r{03:35.41,C} u m e {03:36.52,D}n t a l )
[03:37.74]{03:38.14,Am}( I n s t r{03:39.83,C} u m e {03:40.90,D}n t a l )
[03:42.24]{03:42.55,Am}( I n s t r{03:44.22,C} u m e {03:45.32,D}n t a l )
[03:46.49]{03:46.94,Am}( I n s t r{03:48.57,C} u m e {03:49.67,D}n t a l )
[03:50.74]{03:51.10,D}( I n s t r {03:54.49,C}u m e {03:55.03,G}n t a l )
[03:55.48]{03:55.62,D}( I n s t r {03:58.94,C}u m e {03:59.48,G}n t a l )
[03:59.74]{04:00.04,E}( I n s t r {04:03.35,D}u m e {04:03.90,A}n t a l )
[04:04.24]{04:04.42,E}( I n s t r u {04:07.76,G}m e n t a l )
[04:08.24]Hell's {04:08.85,Am}bells{04:09.73,D}, Satan'{04:10.83,C}s comin' to {04:11.95,D}you
[04:12.74]Hell'{04:13.08,Am}s bells{04:14.20,D}, he'{04:15.34,C}s ringing them {04:16.45,D}now
[04:17.24]Hell'{04:17.59,Am}s bell{04:18.70,D}s, th{04:19.86,C}e temperature's {04:20.90,D}high
[04:21.74]Hell'{04:22.05,Am}s bells{04:23.18,D}, acr{04:24.27,C}oss the {04:25.37,D}sky
[04:26.24]Hell'{04:26.50,Am}s bells{04:27.59,D}, they'r{04:28.74,C}e takin' you {04:29.84,D}down
[04:30.49]Hell'{04:30.96,Am}s bells{04:32.10,D}, they{04:33.21,C}'re draggin' you {04:34.31,D}around
[04:34.99]Hell'{04:35.41,Am}s bells{04:36.55,D}, gon{04:37.68,C}na split the {04:38.77,D}night
[04:39.49]Hell'{04:39.92,Am}s bells{04:41.02,D}, there's no{04:42.13,C} way to {04:43.24,D}fight, yeah
[04:44.49]{04:44.88,Am} {04:46.55,C} {04:47.65,D} Ow
[04:49.12]{04:49.26,Am} {04:50.91,C} {04:51.99,D} Aw-whoa{04:53.62,Am}
[04:55.12]{04:55.24,C} {04:56.31,D} Aw!
[04:57.77]{04:57.93,Am}( I n t{04:58.28,G} e r l{04:58.69,Am} u d e ){05:01.10,C}
[05:03.41]{05:03.80,D} Hell's bel{05:09.93,Am}ls {05:10.15,G} {05:10.35,Am}