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Lrc Hikikomori by Bang Yongguk

Hikikomori - Bang Yongguk LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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90561 - Hikikomori by Bang Yongguk [03:43.87] 2 days ago
by Guest
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[ar:Bang Yongguk]
[00:23.00]I know that love is a wound
[00:27.00]When I'm in my hiding place
[00:32.00]I know I can't tell anyone
[00:36.00]I befriend the lonesome angel
[00:40.00]I want to avoid the world
[00:42.00]In my own world
[00:44.00]I don't want to be disturbed
[00:46.00]I keep trying to avoid it
[00:48.30]I see myself in the mirror as a good for nothing, I'm freaking out
[00:50.30]I want to run away
[00:52.06]Darkness is my light
[00:56.05]If you love me
[00:59.09]can't you leave me alone?
[01:03.77]You make a fool out of me
[01:07.03]With another bruise more, I'll be hiding in my room
[01:11.79]I'm hikikomori, hikikomori
[01:16.30]Head, head of hikiko I have my head empty
[01:23.86]Sadly I have a heart, heart A heart that is empty
[01:29.18]Why? Why do you ask me why I hide?
[01:33.99]Hey! Why? Why is it so important?
[01:37.26]Why? Why if you and I are different from the blood?
[01:40.94]Why are you forcing me to do the same?
[01:42.15]Differentiate between normal and abnormal
[01:44.20]Why do you hurt me again and again and you do not tell me the reason?
[01:48.51]Why do most people consider that all desires have the same depth?
[01:50.01]I know how it feels to be alone
[01:52.63]What the hell is going on?!
[01:53.07]Chew it
[01:54.00]We were originally different by nature
[01:55.13]We keep living being different
[01:56.00]At least with my master keyboard And my puppy They will not hurt me
[02:0.00]So, uh
[02:02.14]What I'm saying? Uh
[02:04.77]If you are full of prejudice and arrogance I can never reach you uh yeah
[02:08.84]Why do you keep asking me why? uh
[02:13.03]Understand and love ya'll
[02:14.29]I want you to think about that
[02:35.08]I die everyday
[02:37.23]You see it reflected in the time and spirit of the room
[02:39.27]How do I recognize what is real for me while I live?
[02:41.64]I just don't know, I don't recognize life not know who this poor soul is
[02:43.21]Take off the mask and dance
[02:45.61]When you have bare feet and open your eyes It's a fucking relief The world keeps moving And I'm jealous of it in vain
[02:51.25]Hey don't assume you know
[02:52.60]when they force you to breathe without rest
[02:54.03]I know how it feels
[02:55.35]It doesn't matter how much I hit, eat or drink Everything is ruled by pain I know how it feels
[02:59.45]Hey damn bastard, I'm sorry for you, for ruining you again
[03:01.35]Why can't you understand that this is about me? It's my story
[03:03.53]Don't chew it
[03:04.07]Stop talking
[03:08.28]If you love me,
[03:11.16]can't you leave me alone?
[03:15.22]You make a fool out of me
[03:19.22]I'll hide in the room with another bruise more
[03:23.06]I'm hikikomori, hikikomori
[03:27.40]Head, head of hikiko I have my head empty
[03:31.40]Hikikomori, Hikikomori
[03:36.40]Sadly I have a heart, heart A heart that is empty.