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Lrc Hold me up

Hold me up LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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32287 - Hold me up [02:55.60] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[02:14.14]aint no distractions or hold me ups
[02:16.14]stabs in my back like a warrior
[02:18.15]thinking you know but not know enough
[02:20.14]texts from this bitch she gon blowme up
[02:22.14]tech on demand just to slow me up
[02:24.14]if you got gas nigga roll it up
[02:26.14]aint no dim area glo me up
[02:28.14]when i inhale i start floating up
[02:30.14]i need some nails just to hold me up

[01:07.89]tats on my arm like a mfn punk
[01:10.14]i must get cash so i can do what i want
[01:11.90]you gon finnese just to get what you want
[01:13.89]its hard to stop but easy to stay on
[01:15.89]habits of harming myself to have fun
[01:17.89]taking this shit
[01:18.64]i can’t quit getting on.
[01:19.89]she look so good she making me get off
[01:22.14]give her the bone but in morning she gone
[01:23.94]yes i love weed more then you so keep going
[01:26.14] tryna get money then we are congoined
[01:28.14]i used to hang but now that shit boring
[01:30.14]niggas be lame sad and ignorant
[01:31.89]yeah that shit hot
[01:32.89]but this gon be scorchion
[01:33.89]im spreadin my wings
[01:34.89]lifting and soaring