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Lrc If.. by Jack

If.. - Jack LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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90715 - If.. by Jack [00:00.00] 16 hours ago
by Guest
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[00:0.00]If i can say, all the words in this world,
[00:17.00]I would say, that i love you..
[00:32.00]If i could say, all the words in this world,
[00:48.00]I would say, you're an angel..
[01:05.00]If i had to spend my final moments, it would surely, be with you..
[01:35.00]If you needed, someone to stand by, i would be, the only one..
[02:06.00]And i wish, and i wish that you know, how beautiful you are..
[02:36.00]And i wish, that i can hold you in my arms,
[02:52.00]And make you feel, alright..
[03:07.00]Oh my darlin', i simply wanna say, that I'll always be with you.. that i'll always make you mine, that i'll always do my best to take care of u.. ooh i'll do..