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Lrc If

If LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31412 - If [02:35.72] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:21.90]만약에 말야 이 말을 뱉고 난 후 (What if, after I spit out these words)
[00:23.40]뱉는 말들이 눈 앞에 일어난다면 (The words I spit out happen before my eyes)
[00:26.66]상황따라 다르겠지만 어떨까 만약 (They're different, depending on the situation, but what if)
[00:28.91]소중한것들 소중한순간들 (Those precious things and precious moments)
[00:30.41]소중한 무언가를 잊거나 잃게 된다면 (If I forget or lose something those precious somethings)
[00:31.66]발버둥친다 한들 (I’ll be struggling)
[00:36.90]계속 머물고있는 공허함에 갇히겠지 (And I'll remain trapped in the emptiness)
[00:37.66]두드릴수록 더 꽉 닫히겠지 (The more I knock on these doors, the more closed-off they are)
[00:39.66]잠겨있지 (They're locked)
[00:42.91]그 안에서의 고통은 경험하기싫은 가장 아픈 매질 (Inside is the most painful beating that I don’t want to experience)
[00:45.90]몇 가지 상황들의 경험에 (I've experienced that situation several times)
[00:47.66]소중한 사람과의 신뢰 잃었네 (I lost the trust of someone precious)
[00:49.41]서로 상처주는 말까지 건네 (Saying hurtful words to each other)
[00:56.41]얼마안가 후회할게 뻔해 (Soon I'll regret it, it's obvious)
[00:58.41]전의 일에 대한 미안한 맘을 전해 (I say I'm sorry about what happened that time)
[01:02.41]다행히 어렵지않게 풀린 관계 (Fortunately, our relationship didn't fall apart so easily)
[01:02.66]근데 여기서 한가지 무서운 생각이 들더라고 (But there's one thought that scares me)
[01:02.66]만약에말야 (What if)
[01:03.16]소중한 사람에게 후회할 만한 행동을 한 후에 (After having done something regrettable to someone precious)
[01:03.16]그 후회를 덜기 위해 미안한 맘을 전하려하는데 (And I'm trying to show my apologetic heart to ease the regrets)
[01:04.15]그 맘을 전하기 전에 그 사람이 영원히 사라졌다면 (But before I can show that heart, that precious person disappears)
[01:04.15]어떨까 (forever)
[01:04.65]아마 후회 더해 찢기는 마음의 고통을 (Maybe I’ll regret it more, and it’ll tear my heart)
[01:04.65]안고 지낼것 같아 (As I harbour the pain of my heart and carry on)
[01:04.93]뭔 일이 날지 몰라 만약에 만약에 말야 (I don't know what’s going to happen, but what if, I'm just saying what if)
[01:04.93]그건 아무도 몰라 만약에 만약에 말야 (Nobody knows what's going to happen, but what if, I'm just saying what if)
[01:05.16]큰일일지도 몰라 별일 아닐지도 모르지만 (I wouldn’t know if it's a huge matter, maybe it's not what's the reason for my uneasiness?)
[01:05.16]불안한 이유는 뭐인걸까 만약에 만약에 말야 (What if, I'm just saying what if)
[01:06.16]방금 전 만약의 상황을 떠올린 건 (I just remembered the possible situation I thought of before)
[01:06.66]부정적이라서가 아냐 (It's not that I'm pessimistic)
[01:08.90]만약에 일어날 수 있는 일은 (Among all the situations that might possibly happen)
[01:09.66]1도 예상 못한 일들이 많아 (There are many that may be unexpected)
[01:12.41]`만약`이란 단어 (The word 'if')
[01:12.41]그 뒤에 붙는 말들에 따라 의미가 달라 (The meaning of the words that follow may change)
[01:12.91]불안한 감정 (Sometimes I feel anxious)
[01:13.16]또는 무언가를 기대하는 감정 담아 (But other times I feel expectant)
[01:27.41]요즘에 난 후자보다는 전자에 속해 (Nowadays I belong to the former instead of the latter)
[01:27.41]사소한 행동 하나에도 그 뒤에 일어날 일들을 떠올려 (One small act might remind me of what will happen later)
[01:27.90]용감했던 어릴적 행동은 이제 난 없는 듯해 (I no longer put on the brave little act I did as a child)
[01:28.66]생각이 커 갈수록 걱정도 많아져 (The courage I had when I was young, I no longer have it (The more I think about it, the more I worry)
[01:29.66]불안함에 온 정신이 쏠려 (Anxiety is filling up my mind)
[01:30.40]만약이라도 만약에라도 꿈속이라도 싫은 일 겪어보지는 않았어도 (What if, I'm just saying what if I imagine something beyond my expectations)
[01:30.90]절대로 겪어보기는 싫은 일 그런 일들 피해가기 위해 (Something I dislike, that I've never experienced before)
[01:32.91]이렇듯 일어나지 않은 일들에 집착하며 (To avoid such things I won't become obsessed with things that have not happened)
[01:36.40]지금도 언제 일어날지 모르는 만약에 대비해 (Even now, I don't know when it will happen, I'm avoiding that possibility)