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Lrc Illusive Consensus by Epica

Illusive Consensus - Epica LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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51287 - Illusive Consensus by Epica [05:04.98] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Epica ]
[al:The Phantom Agony ]
[ti:Illusive Consensus ]
[00:42.89]So sweet caress, never long to last!
[00:56.90]You entered my soul and gave hope to my life.
[01:04.65]So sweet caress, never hope to last!
[01:18.89]You left me behind all alone and aghast
[01:26.37]Captured inside such an austere Elysium
[01:37.39]Imperfect feelings, futile grief
[01:44.65]Love a device against all solitude
[01:52.90]As it all went on, the love became
[01:58.65]A field in a dream that once had been real
[02:25.39]So sweet caress, never long to last!
[02:39.14]Destroy this illusion we need a change of fate!
[02:46.90]Your frantic thoughts are only a condemned cry
[03:26.90]Primo somniare videbamur deinde veritas se praecipitavit
[03:51.89]I secretly longed for something which had never existed
[04:06.38]First I thought it was a dream but then it smashed into reality
[04:13.14]Beautiful on the outside, decayed deeply within
[04:19.89]I secretly longed for something which had never existed
[04:45.15]Devoted to a body without a soul
[04:52.64]Numquam non tibi diffidam