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Lrc Inergee by Rio

Inergee - Rio LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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170532 - Inergee by Rio [03:57.89] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[al:Dumb and Dumber]
[00:08.79]Gentlemen, this is a five-hundred-a-plate dinner
[00:12.64]Oh, five hundred, oh, okay
[00:14.84]Alright, no problem
[00:15.66]Put us down for four star
[00:17.86]Bitch, they heard we taxing
[00:21.16]Pull up tryna match that bullshit, nigga, we scrapping
[00:23.63]40, that's my bae, I can't hold her like a weak bladder
[00:26.11]Pop a nigga, then forget about it couple weeks after
[00:28.58]Everything me and Rio get on, they say we snapping
[00:31.33]Put some pressure on him, he gonna break, weak plastic
[00:33.80]Hit the road, poured up an eight, then took a deep napper
[00:36.27]Told bro I know how to punch, he threw a piece at me
[00:38.75]Drink an eight and smoke a whole zip, now I got energy
[00:41.22]Blew his head off from far away, J. F. Kennedy
[00:43.70]They gave my uncle life for selling dope and he sixty-three
[00:46.17]Barack came in office in '08 and gave him clemency
[00:48.65]I'm still killing Tay; he stole my bike in elementary
[00:51.13]Bumped into his ass last year like, "You remember me?"
[01:07.88]Shot him in his leg with a K, they call him Limpy T
[01:10.36]I used to be a fiend; I would've killed you for a zip of lean
[01:13.11]Smoke a nigga, then smoke a zip, then move to Tennessee
[01:15.57]I'm taxing for the power, Consumers Energy
[01:18.05]In the USA making a play, my shoes from Italy
[01:20.51]Caught a case out the States, blew up an embassy
[01:23.26]I got some little circle orange pills, I want one-ten a piece
[01:25.73]Johnny caged a nigga at the store, I should've finished him
[01:28.20]Bust a nigga watermelon open with a lemon squeeze
[01:30.68]All I really smoke is Pink Runtz and Billy Kimber weed
[01:33.42]Finna pull up on Freaky T, he got some different weed
[01:35.61]Gelato 33 and Oreo Cake, I get it ten a G
[01:38.35]Had my white boy crack your safe for a hit of clean
[01:40.82]New AR came with more legs than a centipede
[01:44.67]Bitch, I'm finna act dangerous
[01:45.76]Hi-tech, Wockhardt, and Morton cool, but that Act' dangerous
[01:48.24]Bro told me to leave the streets alone, but I'm back dangling
[01:50.71]Bought my bitch some Louis, took them back, she got fat ankles
[01:53.19]I just smoked a half, now I look like a Black Asian
[01:55.93]Made her sell ass on Craigslist, I couldn't Backpage it
[01:58.40]Hit her, now she walking with a hunch, I'm a back-breaker
[02:00.87]Take the soft, drop it in the pot, I'm a crack maker
[02:04.17]Pussy, you don't want static
[02:06.09]Drunk the pint before I even bought it, I'm a dope addict
[02:08.56]Bought a Scat' but it wasn't loud enough, I added Flowmasters
[02:11.03]Boog grew a pound in thirty days, he a grow-master
[02:13.50]Rob a nigga, pop his ass once, he gets a poke after
[02:15.97]Tape his son up, then hit the E-way in Roadmaster
[02:18.44]Poured a six in a small pop, it tastes so nasty
[02:20.91]Let the hoes suck my dick at once, it makes them both happy
[02:23.38]Uncle still buying 3X tees, man, he so corny
[02:25.85]Counted up ten bands in all blues, me so horny
[02:28.59]Dog ain't have no money for a feat', he threw me two 40s
[02:31.06]Did a show for eleven hundred, but only threw forty
[02:34.35]Ay, let's get this shit popping
[02:36.00]Plugged in, I can get the R's for six dollars
[02:38.47]'Cause my son like steak, he ain't ever ate no McDonald's
[02:40.94]Left school and went straight to work like I skipped college
[02:43.42]I ain't had no job, my first sale was my bitch mama
[02:45.88]Rollie fake as hell, I can hear that bitch tick tocking
[02:48.35]Niggas fucked up, do anything for a quick dollar
[02:51.10]Niggas said I'm broke, that's like saying you seen a sick doctor
[02:54.94]What is this? What is this? Where's all the money?
[02:57.96]That's as good as money, sir
[03:00.16]Those are I.O.U.'s
[03:01.54]Go ahead and add it up, every cent's accounted for
[03:04.28]Look, see this?
[03:07.30]That's a car, two hundred and seventy-five thousand
[03:10.05]Might wanna hang onto that one