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Lrc Inhale, Exhale by Nao

Inhale, Exhale - Nao LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11272 - Inhale, Exhale by Nao [03:05.29] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Inhale, Exhale]
[00:15.42]Running out of luck
[00:17.92]Take me to the church and back again
[00:20.42]Without tripping up
[00:22.92]Search the wild until I'm found again
[00:25.67]If you've had enough
[00:28.17]Use me to the fire and
[00:30.42]I can't get enough
[00:33.42]And I'm not going to hide
[00:35.42]So many reasons
[00:37.17]Why you're better off
[00:40.42]You've seen the madness
[00:42.42]Blind to right or wrong
[00:44.67]I tried to put my brakes on
[00:47.43]But I'm already lost
[00:50.43]Lost to the madness
[00:52.68]'Cause when I inhale, exhale
[00:55.68]I'm back again
[01:06.93]Glass empty or full
[01:09.68]Quench my thirsty tongue, I'm drinking it
[01:11.93]And I'll step off my stool
[01:14.68]Break the rules until I'm linking them
[01:17.18]It's me, it's not you
[01:19.68]I can't get enough, I'm swimming in
[01:22.43]Oceans, so can you
[01:24.93]I'm not going to lie
[01:26.68]It's your decision
[01:28.93]I'm already lost
[01:31.68]Don't try to reason
[01:33.93]By the time I inhale, exhale
[02:02.68]I'm back again
[02:07.93]Lost to the fire
[02:10.93]Heartache, madness
[02:12.68]Find me deep in the ocean
[02:15.18]Wild, harmless
[02:17.68]Pull me out of the river
[02:19.93]Heartache, sadness
[02:22.68]Find me deep in the ocean
[02:26.43]'Cause when I inhale, exhale
[02:30.43]I'm back again