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Lrc Iroha feat. KYOTHE MILLVOCALOID Original

Iroha feat. KYOTHE MILLVOCALOID Original LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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80668 - Iroha feat. KYOTHE MILLVOCALOID Original [04:21.98] 3 months ago
by Guest
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[00:41.04]“Two do the job, the third one is witness Don’t shoot the guards, no need for guns”
[00:44.24]Check this
[00:44.78]“Don’t go across, the longer road’s safer Watch as the bolt’s trajectory wavers”
[00:48.60]Learn in by heart, now the hardest part comes when
[00:50.60]Staggering doubt paralyzes you and then
[00:52.60]You fall apart like a house of cards, might as Well disregard it as a
[00:55.34]cursory mantra
[00:56.40]Ah, my head feels heavy once again
[00:59.56]I wish I could dissolve myself in this rusty air
[01:03.42]It’s getting harder to act like I don’t really care
[01:07.22]I’m sorry but these earnest words of yours are just too much to bear
[01:11.74](I see you, the haze lingers above The pink arc of breaking dawn, A light just as distant as it was when we were children)
[01:16.02](And dirt, black dirt is spilling from our hands)
[01:19.44](Wrapped in blue cloth, her pale ghost follows me Fog on the water -)
[01:23.28](The dawning haze lingers Like a gray duvet, above a quiet, quiet river)
[01:27.04]I’ll draw a circle in the sand
[01:29.32]Drive myself around the bend
[01:31.42]In a desperate attempt to hold onto your battered hand
[01:35.24]Rocked to sleep beneath the snow
[01:37.06]She is bathed in youthful glow
[01:39.14]"Strong enough to let it go" he says
[01:41.16]but, darling, I don't know
[01:43.16]This isn't my first time sinking lower than the low
[01:47.00]How hard can it be to never let it overflow
[01:50.76]Oh, I've gotten used to being haunted long ago
[01:54.62]All I need to hear’s a simple
[02:28.56]Right through the arc of breaking dawn
[02:30.86]Through the haze and through the maw
[02:32.88]Of the grinder
[02:33.68]I won’t find her, but I’ll guide you through them all
[02:36.68]No more circles left to find
[02:38.68]In the windmills of this mind
[02:40.64]Rest your members
[02:41.46]Now, remember, dear, you’ve always been too kind
[02:44.46]Oh it’s nothing new, the visionless leading the blind
[02:48.48]It’s easy to say, “why don’t you leave it all behind”
[02:52.38]And this moral compass is forever misaligned
[02:56.20]All I need to hear is that you’ll be there
[02:59.14]By my side
[03:01.36]But you can never know that
[03:03.14]“Too strong to die”
[03:05.16]Or was that me again?
[03:07.02]I know that
[03:09.16]There has to be some hope that’s
[03:10.84]Just out of sight
[03:17.14]I won’t let myself lose it again
[03:19.76]And now my only hope is that one day you’ll understand
[03:23.60]I’ll wrap the chain
[03:24.76]Round my heart and her hammering neck
[03:27.38]And save what’s left, though I know that
[03:29.72]One day this weight will come to break my back
[03:32.34]Once again we were left in the dust
[03:34.92]Self-hating ones like us crack when we betray someone’s trust
[03:38.92]So if you must
[03:40.06]Shield your heart with these layers of rust
[03:42.60]The sun will rise, until then I’ll
[03:45.06]Be waiting for you on the other side