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Lrc Issaq Tera (Duet) by Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain

Issaq Tera (Duet) - Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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40201 - Issaq Tera (Duet) by Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain [02:12.44] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain]
[ti:Issaq Tera (Duet)]
[00:01.23]Issaq tera
[00:02.90]Issaq (2013)
[00:04.86]Mohit Chauhan, Smita Jain
[00:28.22]Hum jiyein jis thara,
[00:32.96]Jis thara hum jiyein
[00:36.27]Yaar hairaan the,
[00:39.55]Log bhi dang the
[00:42.94]Ho… bin tere naam ke,
[00:45.86]Jo kahe, jo sune
[00:49.45]Lafz to the magar,
[00:52.76]Maayne tang the
[00:55.54]Raunak nayi si hai
[00:58.42]Is kism ki
[01:01.50]Rag rag hai khil si gayi
[01:05.12]Iss jism ki…
[01:08.08]Oh..rooh pe baras gaya issaq tera…
[01:17.36]Haathon mein hai ret sa issaq tera…
[01:27.80]Us paar tu hai… us paar tu hai
[01:31.35]Is paar main… is paar main
[01:34.35]Lagta hai dooboonga is baar mein…
[01:40.26]Jaane kahaan hay le chala issaq tera…
[01:48.11]Oh… haathon mein hai ret sa issaq tera…