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Lrc Jailhouse Rock

Jailhouse Rock LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11992 - Jailhouse Rock [02:28.18] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:Jailhouse Rock]
[00:00.95]{00:02.69,Db}( I n t {00:03.09,D}r o )
[00:04.95]{00:05.55,Db}( I n t {00:06.03,D}r o )
[00:07.95]{00:08.38,Db} The {00:08.91,D}warden threw a party
[00:09.60]In the county jail{00:11.23,Db}. The {00:11.78,D}prison band was there
[00:12.48]And they began to wail{00:14.10,Db}. The {00:14.62,D}band was
[00:14.87]Jumpin' and the joint began to swing
[00:16.77]{00:16.91,Db} You {00:17.40,D}should've heard them knocked
[00:18.41]Out jailbirds sing, let's {00:20.29,G}rock
[00:21.57]Everybody, let's {00:23.15,D}rock
[00:24.95]Every{00:26.07,A7}body in the whole cell {00:27.53,G}block
[00:28.10]Was da{00:29.00,D}ncin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[00:31.10]{00:31.34,Db} Spi{00:31.85,D}der Murphy played the tenor saxophone
[00:34.10]{00:34.27,Db} {00:34.73,D}Little Joe was blowin' on the slide trombone
[00:37.10]{00:37.13,Db} The {00:37.57,D}drummer boy from Illinois went crash
[00:39.24]Boom, ban{00:39.96,Db}g. The {00:40.43,D}whole rhythm section was
[00:41.63]The Purple Gang, let's {00:43.37,G}rock
[00:44.63]Everybody, let's {00:46.25,D}rock
[00:48.13]Every{00:49.12,A7}body in the whole cell {00:50.61,G}block
[00:51.13]Was da{00:52.05,D}ncin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[00:53.88]{00:54.35,Db} Num{00:54.85,D}ber forty-seven said to number three
[00:57.13]{00:57.28,Db} "Y{00:57.73,D}ou're the cutest jailbird I ever did see
[00:59.78]{01:00.09,Db} I {01:00.49,D}sure would be delighted with your company
[01:02.77]{01:02.87,Db} Come{01:03.33,D} on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me"
[01:05.41]Let's {01:06.23,G}rock everybody, let's {01:09.09,D}rock
[01:10.91]Every{01:11.97,A7}body in the whole cell {01:13.41,G}block
[01:14.16]Was da{01:14.86,D}ncin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[01:17.41]{01:17.73,G}( I n s t r {01:20.57,D}u m e n t {01:23.45,A7}a l ) {01:24.87,G}
[01:25.91]{01:26.26,D}( I n s t r u m e n t a l )
[01:28.16]{01:28.58,Db} S{01:29.10,D}ad sack was sittin' on a block of stone
[01:31.41]{01:31.50,Db} Way {01:31.99,D}over in the corner weepin' all alone
[01:34.16]{01:34.35,Db} The {01:34.82,D}warden said, "hey, buddy, don't you be
[01:36.31]No squar{01:37.11,Db}e. You {01:37.61,D}can't find a partner, use a
[01:38.95]Wooden chair". Let's {01:40.52,G}rock everybody, let's {01:43.41,D}rock
[01:45.20]Every{01:46.31,A7}body in the whole cell {01:47.75,G}block
[01:48.45]Was da{01:49.19,D}ncin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[01:51.10]{01:51.54,Db} S{01:52.04,D}hifty Henry said to Bugs,
[01:53.00]"For Heaven's sake{01:54.41,Db}. No {01:54.89,D}one's lookin' now's our
[01:55.89]Chance to make a brea{01:57.19,Db}k." {01:57.67,D}Bugsy turned
[01:58.03]To Shifty and he said, "Nix, Ni{02:00.05,Db}x. I {02:00.51,D}want to stick
[02:00.93]Around a while and get my kicks" Let's {02:03.46,G}rock
[02:04.68]Everybody, let's {02:06.36,D}rock
[02:08.18]Every{02:09.28,A7}body in the whole cell {02:10.71,G}block
[02:11.43]Was da{02:12.13,D}ncin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[02:14.18]{02:14.48,Db} D{02:15.05,D}ancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[02:16.93]{02:17.36,Db} D{02:17.87,D}ancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[02:19.93]{02:20.23,Db} D{02:20.72,D}ancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[02:22.68]{02:23.13,Db} D{02:23.59,D}ancin' to the Jailhouse Rock
[02:25.68]{02:26.00,Db} D{02:26.51,D}ancin' to the Jailhouse Rock