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KSHMR LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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44141 - KSHMR [03:18.30] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:34.54]Conga drum
[00:36.28]Weh beat
[00:38.06]Gimme the sun
[00:38.76]And the beach
[00:40.03]Pretty girls and marimbas
[00:40.28]Wait a mu deh deh
[00:41.26]As soon as mi reach
[00:41.53]Good vibes man a preach
[00:44.02]Well flam cant bruise like a preach
[00:45.78]Work a 9 to 5 all day all week
[00:47.02]Party time now you see it
[00:47.51]Whether young or you're older
[00:50.31]Come full joy the culture
[00:54.52]Sweat all over shoulder
[00:57.02]Come move your body so
[00:58.78]No worry bout vulture
[01:00.51]Shape your life like sculpture
[01:02.01]In a time like this
[01:02.76]Man a good vibes soldier
[01:05.78]Tell me who... who... who...
[01:10.76]Got you
[01:12.02]Tell me who... who... who...
[01:18.78]Got you
[01:19.78]Man a good vibe soldier
[01:41.80]A while heap of people
[01:42.51]A come from all over the world
[01:43.28]Said a vibe a di king
[01:44.53]Weh dem waa
[01:45.50]Dem got no time fi waste
[01:46.77]No time fi watch face
[01:47.51]One love dem no care
[01:48.53]About a wa
[01:49.52]All lovers fi rock and come in
[01:50.30]All queen man so high
[01:51.52]Me fly without wings
[01:54.28]All when life run
[01:55.75]We try without means well
[01:57.76]Waan talk about freedom
[01:59.03]No worry about income
[02:01.25]Time fi more your body so
[02:04.51]Our money gya buy love
[02:06.25]And if a dar tum ovet
[02:08.01]In a time like this
[02:10.27]Man a good vibe soldier
[02:12.07]If i go out here
[02:13.26]And fight for you
[02:14.50]I know i made mistake...
[02:15.78]But you know i'm good for
[02:17.78]Don't you say
[02:20.03]That i didnt try
[02:22.56]Wasn't milling to change
[02:25.02]Tell me who... who... who...
[02:31.53]Got you
[02:32.78]Tell me who... who... who...
[02:37.51]Got you
[02:40.04]Man a good vibe soldier