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Lrc Kawaki Wo Ameku by Minami

Kawaki Wo Ameku - Minami LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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230586 - Kawaki Wo Ameku by Minami [04:13.44] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[al:Domestic Na Kanojo]
[ti:Kawaki Wo Ameku]
[00:05.45]But even so
[00:08.11]Be beautiful
[00:22.75]No Destiny, unworthy
[00:26.46]If it's like this, then probably things will go well
[00:28.25]If we just talk as if it's never enough
[00:30.38]Things, money, love, words,
[00:32.51]I'm tired of self-asserting myself already
[00:37.58]Déjà vu, what are you so unsatisfied about?
[00:41.29]You've said all sorts of selfish things,
[00:43.15]What more could you possibly want?
[00:45.27]I kind of don't mind that about you
[00:52.20]Honestly, "I'm sick of hearing that line"
[00:55.65]The one thing I don't want is ambiguousness
[00:59.11]Enough. Even if you say to do this or that,
[01:02.03]Even if you say love me, or why?
[01:03.89]It's easy if it's just for fun
[01:07.52]How many times are those worn out unexpectedly
[01:11.23]Serious words going to be used?
[01:13.90]We were hoping anyway, even if it was a fixed race,
[01:16.82]Even all those quoted phrases,
[01:20.53]Making backtracking words taboo,
[01:23.18]Take a hint, don't let it rain
[01:40.82]I don’t like conversations that are dull
[01:48.44]All I want is the minimum amount necessary, please tell me in under two characters
[01:55.35]The crimson butterfly would never send any type of texts
[02:03.31]It just opens its frail fan-like wings, isn’t that more attractive
[02:09.96]It’s just a mystery
[02:10.88]If you can’t respond, please leave me alone
[02:12.46]If you’re lost, please go away
[02:14.58]If the most important things aren’t being taken care of,
[02:18.05]But if you shower me with
[02:19.90]Words that are supposed to make me feel better
[02:22.03]Wouldn’t it make you want to open an umbrella too?
[02:24.68]Just like this
[02:25.75]I just wanted to keep hoping, and I closed my eyes
[02:27.33]I wanted to change things, so I tried to act older that I was
[02:29.46]But I lost it, and I couldn’t go back in time
[02:32.22]So please, please don’t stop showering me with those words right now
[02:37.00]Copy, Paste, and Delete. I just keep repeating
[02:47.91]I inhaled and exhaled
[02:55.35]That’s okay, I just want to be here
[02:58.01]I give up
[02:59.07]Even if you tell me to do something for you.
[03:00.92]Even when you ask me why you should love me
[03:02.78]It’s easy for you to just play around but when it comes to a serious relationship everything is just chaos
[03:06.50]Those lies you tell me without thinking
[03:10.22]Should be considered taboo, don’t you think?
[03:12.88]I think
[03:13.95]I was hopeful, even though the outcome was already predetermined
[03:15.82]Let’s get rid of those phrases that we keep telling each other
[03:17.68]I’ll stop habitually going up on my toes
[03:21.41]Please god, judge the situation and make sure it’s not sunny today
[03:58.90]It rains again today
[04:02.36]Let’s just put down the umbrella and get wet as we go home