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Lrc Kono Yami Wo Terasu Hikari No Mukou Ni by Anly

Kono Yami Wo Terasu Hikari No Mukou Ni - Anly LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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2760 - Kono Yami Wo Terasu Hikari No Mukou Ni by Anly [02:04.89] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Kono Yami Wo Terasu Hikari No Mukou Ni]
[00:01.08]It'd remain, strongly
[00:02.84]etched in my mind
[00:06.13]and never went out
[00:19.35]Despair and hopeless
[00:22.37]Anywhere is dark
[00:26.33]It's become so hurt
[00:28.60]even to take a breath
[00:32.08]Want to grasp,
[00:33.59]but I can't
[00:35.09]Can't trust anybody
[00:38.84]I ended up shaking off
[00:40.09]those hands that
[00:41.83]reached out of me
[00:43.85]If only I could
[00:47.10]accept every thing
[00:51.59]that reflected
[00:52.84]within these eyes
[00:54.08]just like the way they're
[00:57.09]without feel any doubt
[01:00.34]I wonder if the
[01:02.10]day would come?
[01:06.87]For me to
[01:08.34]call these things
[01:10.36]that fall every
[01:11.59]time I blink
[01:13.12]as love
[01:15.84]If with clear eyes
[01:19.10]just like the first
[01:21.11]time when we born
[01:24.34]Will we be able to see
[01:26.60]any irreplaceable thing?
[01:51.34]Love and friendship
[01:53.84]Exchanging promises
[01:58.10]I've never had
[01:59.34]such experiences
[02:00.86]and I ended up
[02:02.08]not trusting anybody
[02:03.84]Can be seen, unseen
[00:0.00]What is the color
[00:0.00]of your "heart" ?
[00:0.00]It'd only get even
[00:0.00]more blurred,
[00:0.00]the more I look into it
[00:0.00]Irritation and hatred
[00:0.00]will always stir up my soul
[00:0.00]And then,
[00:0.00]I will be broken, so easily
[00:0.00]Now, I'll keep continue
[00:0.00]to paint an outline
[00:0.00]over and over,
[00:0.00]even in a frail curve
[00:0.00]that about to vanish
[00:0.00]If it will only
[00:0.00]get even darker
[00:0.00]the more I smear on it
[00:0.00]It'd be better
[00:0.00]if I hid every thing
[00:0.00]within the engulfing darkness
[00:0.00]This world is cut off
[00:0.00]because of anxiety
[00:0.00]and giving up on hope
[00:0.00]I even ended up losing
[00:0.00]my true place
[00:0.00]And now, I just realized
[00:0.00]the real meaning
[00:0.00]of accepting
[00:0.00]those hand that
[00:0.00]reached out of me
[00:0.00]Kindness means
[00:0.00]If a drop that fell
[00:0.00]from someone's warmth
[00:0.00]would continue
[00:0.00]to shine on
[00:0.00]other's darkness,
[00:0.00]Then, even if I
[00:0.00]close these eyes,
[00:0.00]I can feel a
[00:0.00]certain ray of hope
[00:0.00]It'd remain,
[00:0.00]strongly etched
[00:0.00]in my mind
[00:0.00]and never went out